Stages of Baby Development: When Can Babies Recognize People

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Babies come out of the womb recognizing voices which allows them to differentiate between people. Many people tend to forget that babies could hear for a pretty big portion of pregnancy so they are especially used to Mom and Dad and anyone else that is frequently around. The best feeling in the world though is when you have to step out away from your baby for whatever reason, whether it be to go to work or even the store, the look on their little faces when you come back to greet them is the sweetest most cutest thing ever.

Around one month of age is when babies will really start to look at you, maybe earlier but they tend to sleep, sleep and sleep some more for the first month of life so noticing if they are recognizing different people can be a bit hard to determine. I would say though that around 4 months of age is when babies start to get their preference of who they want to be around more, Mom or Dad, not that either choice is better than the other but all babies have their preference. That is why we have Mama’s boys and Daddy’s girls or even vice versa.

Why Cloth Diapers are better than Disposable Ones?

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According to latest trends, it seems like clothes diapers are making a comeback (or have they already?). Though they belong to a different era originally, here are some great facts that make clothes diapers a viable choice for modern mommies too:

  • Clothes diapers now come with snaps or even with Velcro tapes becoming as effective against leaks as any good disposable diaper.
  • Made with breathable fibers, they do not require any soaking and are easy laundered.
  • There are no chemical substances used for making clothes diapers absorbent, so there, all your worries about baby’s tushy being damaged by toxins, out of the window.
  • Clothes diapers are reusable and unlike buying diapers, you won’t have to spend money over and over again. Laundry wash does not cost that much, and an estimate tells us that with clothes diapers you can reduce your diapers and wipes cost almost to half!
  • Laundering clothes diaper is easy. Just shake off the waste to the bin and when your diaper pail is full, empty it in the washer. Then it’s a rinse-wash-rinse cycle, and you are done. Do not use bleach. You can, obviously, use any other wash cycle more suited to your needs, but make sure to keep the laundry costs minimum so you can really save money.
  • Clothes diapers are also environment friendly. They do not have any chemicals, toxins or other materials that can be harmful to baby’s skin causing rash, and are not deposited madly into landfills adding to environmental havoc.

Activities for an 11-Month-Old Baby

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It seems just like yesterday that you were being rushed to the hospital for your first delivery, and now that little gem is already 11 month old! Time does fly when you are sleep deprived and exhausted. So take a break and indulge in some activities that only require your supervision and minimal involvement. For example, stacking the blocks.

Let the baby play with her blocks for some time. An 11 month old baby is perfectly able to sit upright and spend her time stacking one block over the other. Colorful blocks, the sound of blocks falling on the hard floor and the simple act of picking it up and trying to put it on top of another is a whole game for the baby. But make sure to help her a little before she is not yet able to stack the blocks properly and might get annoyed that she can’t set the blocks right.

Another great activity during this time is to read to your baby. Get some story books with hard cover pages and large pictures and read to her animatedly. Yes, she is still too young to understand anything about the story, but the colorful pictures, your soothing voice and her freedom to touch those glossy pages are a real treat for her.

As a bonus, a nightly reading routine may be able to instill in her the love for books. Experts also suggest that reading to your baby every day for fifteen minutes is good for their brain development.

Activities for a 9-Month-Old Baby

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Most babies in their 9th month start crawling fully and the next step is to build their upper body strength so they can easily pull themselves up and support their weight in the coming months. A fun game to do that is to grab a somewhat bigger toy and let the baby hold it. This toy can be any stuffed toy that the baby can hold on to firmly, and if it is your baby’s favorite toy, all the better.

Now pull the toy towards you, while your baby will try to pull it back. Doing this tug war, you can try pulling the baby up on her legs, as a weight lifting exercise. However, do not pull too strongly because your baby may let go and start howling instantly.

A really fun and thoroughly enjoyable game is to splash in the bathtub with the baby. Fill the tub with bubbles and foam till baby’s waist and let her play with different squirting toys in the tub. Using shower handle you can spray water on the baby making it more fun. If there are older kids around, ask them to jump in too and play with the baby. Keep an eye on things because such games have a tendency to get over exciting for these easily stimulated babies.

Another messy fun game is to put the baby on her highchair and let her do her thing with her food. Make some edible finger paint with colorful purees like apple, carrot or peaches and put it in her tray. Do not worry about the mess she’ll create, because she’s going to look even more adorable with all that puree stuck to her face.


Ways to Get Free Baby Stuff by Mail

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Getting free stuff is one of the best things in life. Having free baby stuff is much better if you know that your baby is going to be able to use it. Most companies send baby things by mail, and they don’t just send any kind of stuff, they send ones that are actually useful such as baby clothes, diapers, milk formula samples, baby soap and more. Not all companies do this kind of advertising, but there are some that do since it is very effective.

They send out free stuff to mothers hoping that if they like the product, these mothers would purchase their products soon.
But how can you be on these companies list? The answer is simple; you can register on their websites. These websites will ask information such as your baby’s gender, age and date of birth, so that they will be able to send the right stuff for your little one. Another way that you can get free things for your baby is to have a blog or review about them.

If you have your own blog, writing about them usually gets their attention, and if you are lucky, the company will contact you and as a thank you, they will send free stuff for your baby through mail.
The free stuff you get can be helpful to your budget. And if in case the free stuff sent to you cannot be used by your baby anymore, it is best if you give it to those mothers who need it for their own babies.

Get your Hands on These Free Baby Offers

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Getting free diaper samples is pretty easy these days. If your due date is close or if you just gave birth it’s the easiest as a lot of companies will fight over your loyalty "bribing" you with free samples that are there to convince you that the product you are trying out is the best.

With the combination of coupons and promotions you can keep getting diapers for close to nothing in the future as well, but the first priority now is to take advantage of the few weeks before and after labor as that’s the time when you’ll get more offers than ever to get free baby product samples like diapers, formula and more.

Make sure you get the samples offered to you at the hospital, and before you even get there (or once you get home) make sure you let every single company know where you stand – by registering on their websites. That will ensure you get a bunch of offers to your inbox and you’ll probably either get samples mailed to you (often completely free) or get coupons that you can use to pick up some free diapers.

Pros of Getting Baby Product Coupons

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You might be wondering why a lot of mommies out there were able to save money from buying their babies’ needs. The answer is pretty simple. They have just discovered the advantages of using baby product coupons. These coupons can be bought, but most of them are free of charge. It is not really difficult to find these coupons because they are available online today.

Some baby product coupons are free of charge. If you are planning to shop online, printable coupons might not be the best choice for you. In this case, you may simply search for the latest coupon codes that you can use to get great discounts. These codes are just composed of characters that also serve as discount identifiers. You need to enter these codes accurately, because it will not work if misspelled or entered improperly.

Getting baby product coupons have a number of advantages. First, it will enable you to save a few bucks and add it to your earnings. Second, you will be able to know which the hottest baby products in the market are. Most companies offer discounts as part of their new product promotions.

Where to Find Free Baby Samples?

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You probably thought dressing yourself cost and arm and a leg, but you won’t believe what it costs to dress your baby. During the first year they are growing like weeds, and constantly need new sizes of clothing. The good news is from experience I can share with you 4 ideas that helped me save money on baby clothes, especially during the first year.

Trade with Friends. If you have friends or family members with children just a bit older than yours, it’s the perfect opportunity to save money on clothes by getting hand-me-downs.
Consignment stores. A great place to look is at any local consignment stores they usually offer great deals on gently used clothing that you don’t have to end up paying top dollar for.
Online auctions. Online auction sites can help you to save a ton of money on large lots of clothing. Usually you will get a better rate or discount if you purchase multiple items of clothing from the same seller. So keep in mind finding more than one item can help to save you money as well.
Take up sewing. If you are handy with learning a new hobby, or already know how to sew, try sewing some baby clothes for your little one. Handmade items go for a lot of money especially on those auction sites we discussed and look just like name brand designer clothing for a fraction of the cost.

How you can get free baby products and samples

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Bringing a new baby into the world can bring along a mixed variety of emotions from joy, excitement and worry. Some families worry about the financial burden that will be placed on them. The good news is that for these families there is a way to get free baby products and samples. These free items can make a world of a difference for many families that can actually increase their quality of life.

The good news is that many baby product companies out there understand the costs that having a child places on families and because of this and their competitive nature to get your business, they offer free baby products and samples from time to time. You will have to do a little bit of research and work to get these free items but trust me it will be worth it. The first type of baby stuff for free that families can receive happens right at the hospital when you deliver your new bundle of joy. Many hospitals working with formula companies offer free diaper bags with their products in them. In addition the diapers that are used in your hospital room for your baby will end up getting thrown out if not fully used. If you ask your nurse if you can take the left over diapers home to try them out, they are more than willing to oblige to this request.

After you have baby at home, you can try contacting the various baby product companies and expressing your interest in their products. If you ask if they offer samples for you to try, there is a good chance you will receive these samples.

Fun and New Activities for 6 Month Old Baby

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New parents may encounter different problems as to when they can teach their babies to learn new things. Of course they can start right away by giving them small books with bright contrast colors. As the progress goes on for several months and the babies are already developing new skills and improved their senses, parents may then move on to the next level of learning. The activity for 6 month old baby is quite similar from a new born and onwards. It mainly focuses on identification and recognition however; parents may want to try new things as well to increase the development stage of their baby.

There are fun ways to keep the baby active and alert all the time. Holding her hands and legs or support her body in a standing position and let her dance to the soft music that you play would be great. Bringing the baby outside and let her touch the grass and tress but making sure that she will not develop irritation on her skin is important.

Another thing that parents can do is by letting their baby play a little with their food. Babies have curious minds and therefore too eager to explore new things. This will help develop their identification skills but at the same time letting the babies have fun for a little while they are fed. Stacking up toys and hiding objects can be fun and exciting as well. Parents will surely enjoy these activities as much as your babies will do.