Fashionable Nursing Covers for Stylish Moms

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Nowadays, breastfeeding in public is something that moms don’t have to worry anymore. Thanks to the person who thought of creating a product like the nursing covers, breastfeeding anywhere can be done comfortably. Using a nursing cover is very helpful especially in places where nursing stations are not available.

We can offer our baby breast milk without exposing our breast. Nursing covers are available in fashionable colors that will suit to every mom stylish outfits. Some would not even notice that you’re hiding your small baby inside the cover for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding covers are even looking like clothes or blouses already because they are available in different colors and variations.

If you want to avail this kind of product, I would recommend you check online for different online stores where nursing covers are cheaper compared to the ones you see available in an actual store. Some online shops would offer 30% lower and would even give freebies and discounts. You can also use online coupons when buying nursing covers online. Just make sure that there are client testimonials you can read on so that you know the seller is a trusted one and won’t send you products that are not similar to their description from their site.

If you believe that buying form an actual store would still give you the satisfaction, then be it. When you look in for the best nursing cover, you have to always check the quality of the fabric the product is made from. Remember, you will use this to cover your baby so you have to make sure that the fabric is thin and breathable do that your baby can breathe comfortably while breastfeeding. Also, breathable and thinner fabric can make you and your baby feel cooler especially during spring and summer. Consider also hypoallergenic materials. The fabric will touch your baby’s skin and so is your skin so you have to make sure that both you and your baby’s skin will be protected.

Breast Feeding Tips to Make Your Life Easier

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Breastfeeding may look easy in the eye, but it’s not always in real life, especially for new moms. After giving birth, breast milk doesn’t come out immediately. The production of breast milk doesn’t happen right away. Sometimes it takes two to three days before the breast milk develops, sometimes a week, and sometimes for lucky moms, breast milk production comes in right after giving birth. If breast milk production is a problem, you might want to read on some breast feeding tips.

In order to breastfeed your baby, you must need to have adequate supply of breast milk. How would you able to start producing milk? In my case, after giving birth and meeting my baby, I let her latch on my breast. According to my doctor, this is the natural way to stimulate milk production. This always works when done properly. Some moms will produce milk on the first try while some moms would take several tries before succeeding.

Some problems that the baby and moms would encounter are introverted nipple and small nipple for the baby to latch. The baby will have a hard time latching under these conditions. If you experience this, don’t give up easily because continuous latching can also treat this condition as the baby will get used to it and eventually nipples will develop as well.

Seeking the help of a lactation consultant can also help you produce enormous amount of breast milk to give your baby. Massage therapy also works wonder on your breast milk supply. Taking Natalac can also boost your breast milk supply. In other countries, they find drinking boiled moringa leaves, or eating foods with moringa leaves very effective in producing good quality breast milk.

It is always best to choose breastfeeding vs formula milk feeding. The benefits of breast milk to a baby are exceptional and beyond compare. It does not only promote good health for your baby but a good relationship between the baby and the mother can also be developed. For more breast feeding tips, you can visit parenting websites like,, and other related sites.

How Long Should You Breastfeed Your Baby?

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Are you a breastfeeding mom? Breastfeeding a baby needs your effort and precious time. We all know that breast milk is the best milk for our baby, so we really have to take this challenging job for mothers seriously. Should you ask yourself how long should I breastfeed my baby?

They said that breast milk is best for babies up to two or three years of age. It depends on you on how long to breastfeed your baby—the longer, the better. The best baby gift that you can give to your baby is giving the best milk ever. Remember that if you breastfeed your baby for a longer time, he will get more benefits from it. If you breastfeed your baby for the first few days, he will receive the colostrum that provides antibodies for babies.

It is his first immunization that helps baby recover from birth and helps his digestive system to work fine. If you breastfeed your baby for four weeks to six weeks, you will get through the most critical part of infancy. The fact is babies who are formula fed are likely to get sick more often and have more digestive system problems than breastfed babies. If you breastfeed your baby for three to four months, you’ll be helping your baby to have more matured digestive system and will have protection against ear infection for the whole year.

Breastfeeding your baby for six months will reduce the risks of childhood cancer. It can lower the risk of breast cancer for mothers and provides 98% contraceptives. Breastfed babies for nine months and baby will have fastest brain and body development and will ensure better performance all through his school years.

Why keep wondering how long should you breastfeed your baby? There are so many benefits that he can get from breastfeeding. I’m glad I did!

Exciting Pregnancy and Fetal Development Week by Week

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You were so happy when you found out that you’re pregnant. Both you and your husband are excited of the baby. It’s been months that you tried to get pregnant and finally, here you are! Dreams really come true! Congratulations!

The moment you found out you’re pregnant, you went and see your Ob-gynecologist. You are willing to do anything to have a safe pregnancy and perfect son or daughter. You don’t miss any doctor’s appointment. Every day, every week is such amazing stage and you simply want to see and feel it with all your heart.

Your baby’s fetal development week by week may look different and exciting. There’s something magical happening in weeks1 to 3. This is where the ovulation process occurs and there’s no baby yet. An embryo forms in weeks 4 to 8. You can see transformation of embryo to fetus in weeks 9 to 12. Your baby’s brain and eyes are developed in weeks 13 to 17. You will feel the baby’s movement in weeks 18 to 21. Wow! It is amazing! Your baby is developing senses in weeks 22 to 25. In weeks 26 to 30, your baby is awake and sleeps in specific time of the day. Your baby may weigh 3 to 4 pounds and like the size of a melon in weeks 31 to 34. Your baby’s bones are fully developed and the baby is in upside down position. In weeks 35 to birth, the baby may be ready anytime to meet you.

fetal development week by week

Your doctor may advise for your pregnancy due date. It is normally calculated from the first day of last normal menstruation period. Most pregnancy is between 266 to 280 days. You will be carrying your baby in 40 weeks or nine months. I’m sure that the fetal development week by week will make your more excited to see your baby’s face. I hope that you have a safe pregnancy. Good luck and enjoy your baby!

Baby Bath Time is Fun Time

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If you are finding ways to make baby bath time fun, then I could share to you some ways to make you make your baby love bath time so much. If you are to do these with your newborns then we need to be careful bathing them while making them enjoy it because newborns could be fragile. Here are some tips:

Singing your baby’s favorite nursery rhyme while soaping can make your baby calm while bathing. She can even be excited and do a little dance. You can use some bathing tools like a sponge or a washcloth to tickle your baby gently. This will make her feel less afraid of water and make her more giddy and happy.

There is no better way for babies to enjoy a swim on the baby bath tub than having you join them, than is of course if you can fit in. But if you can manage, you can let your baby join you on the bigger tub instead. Let them play with toys while bath time. Popular toys like rubber ducky, rubber balls, squirt guns, and other bath toys could really be helpful to divert your baby’s attention specially if they are about to cry. If they have a favorite toy that is water proof then it would be much better.

baby bath

Make some bubbles. Bubble blowing and popping are proven to be effective in amusing your curious little baby. Use an infant bath seat for safety. This tool helps you secure your baby from possible water accidents like slipping and drowning. Infant bath seats are available in different colors and forms like animals, flowers and more. I hope the tips mentioned could help you create an easy, worry-free baby bath time for you and your baby.


Stages of Baby Development: When Can Babies Recognize People

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Babies come out of the womb recognizing voices which allows them to differentiate between people. Many people tend to forget that babies could hear for a pretty big portion of pregnancy so they are especially used to Mom and Dad and anyone else that is frequently around. The best feeling in the world though is when you have to step out away from your baby for whatever reason, whether it be to go to work or even the store, the look on their little faces when you come back to greet them is the sweetest most cutest thing ever.

Around one month of age is when babies will really start to look at you, maybe earlier but they tend to sleep, sleep and sleep some more for the first month of life so noticing if they are recognizing different people can be a bit hard to determine. I would say though that around 4 months of age is when babies start to get their preference of who they want to be around more, Mom or Dad, not that either choice is better than the other but all babies have their preference. That is why we have Mama’s boys and Daddy’s girls or even vice versa.

Why Cloth Diapers are better than Disposable Ones?

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According to latest trends, it seems like clothes diapers are making a comeback (or have they already?). Though they belong to a different era originally, here are some great facts that make clothes diapers a viable choice for modern mommies too:

  • Clothes diapers now come with snaps or even with Velcro tapes becoming as effective against leaks as any good disposable diaper.
  • Made with breathable fibers, they do not require any soaking and are easy laundered.
  • There are no chemical substances used for making clothes diapers absorbent, so there, all your worries about baby’s tushy being damaged by toxins, out of the window.
  • Clothes diapers are reusable and unlike buying diapers, you won’t have to spend money over and over again. Laundry wash does not cost that much, and an estimate tells us that with clothes diapers you can reduce your diapers and wipes cost almost to half!
  • Laundering clothes diaper is easy. Just shake off the waste to the bin and when your diaper pail is full, empty it in the washer. Then it’s a rinse-wash-rinse cycle, and you are done. Do not use bleach. You can, obviously, use any other wash cycle more suited to your needs, but make sure to keep the laundry costs minimum so you can really save money.
  • Clothes diapers are also environment friendly. They do not have any chemicals, toxins or other materials that can be harmful to baby’s skin causing rash, and are not deposited madly into landfills adding to environmental havoc.

Some Sleep Tips for New Moms

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The one thing that new moms, universally, miss the most is sleep. And yes, this comes as no surprise to the parenting community worldwide, so is there some time-tested techniques to help new moms sleep better, longer and with no interruption? Apparently not. So let’s showcase some simple tips for new moms to help them catch up on their z’s.

The very first tip, and it is quite simple really, is to sleep when the baby sleeps. Avoid reading it ‘whenever’. You won’t be able to get frequent naps like her, because there’s also laundry to do and a million other things that need you attention, but tuning your sleep schedule to hers would help you be less dizzy during the day.

If your baby is on formula, alternate the nighttime feedings between you and your partner. You can do it with breast milk too. Express the breast milk when you go to sleep and ask your partner to warm it up when the baby wakes up for her feed. You can also splurge $10 on a babysitter every once a week to take care of the baby while you sleep for a few extra hours. Baby’s grandparents and your friends can also help you out in this.

Ask your mom or a friend to watch the baby every day for a couple of hours while you hire someone else to do the dishes or the laundry while you get some much needed sleep. One major reasons of postpartum depression is the sheer exhaustion resulting from sleep deprivation, so make sure you are getting enough sleep to take better care of your baby.

It is so tempting just to throw yourself on the bed and instantly fall asleep, but sometimes when you are too tired, sleep doesn’t come that easily. So have a bath, give yourself a head massage or simply put some ear plugs in or get a white noise machine going to get yourself in the sleep mode.

It is vitally important to keep your physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing in check so you can be in a good shape to care for the baby – and sleeping better is a key for that.

Activities for an 11-Month-Old Baby

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It seems just like yesterday that you were being rushed to the hospital for your first delivery, and now that little gem is already 11 month old! Time does fly when you are sleep deprived and exhausted. So take a break and indulge in some activities that only require your supervision and minimal involvement. For example, stacking the blocks.

Let the baby play with her blocks for some time. An 11 month old baby is perfectly able to sit upright and spend her time stacking one block over the other. Colorful blocks, the sound of blocks falling on the hard floor and the simple act of picking it up and trying to put it on top of another is a whole game for the baby. But make sure to help her a little before she is not yet able to stack the blocks properly and might get annoyed that she can’t set the blocks right.

Another great activity during this time is to read to your baby. Get some story books with hard cover pages and large pictures and read to her animatedly. Yes, she is still too young to understand anything about the story, but the colorful pictures, your soothing voice and her freedom to touch those glossy pages are a real treat for her.

As a bonus, a nightly reading routine may be able to instill in her the love for books. Experts also suggest that reading to your baby every day for fifteen minutes is good for their brain development.

Activities for a 10-Month-Old Baby

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As your baby grows into her own person, you’ll be able to see definite personality traits in her that’ll sometime surprise you or endear her to you even more. More than planning special games at this point, it is more important to keep her engaged in her surroundings. Talk to her more often about how your day has been, try having conversations with her about what she is eating or what you guys saw in the park the other day.

When you are changing her diaper, routinely switch diaper stations from one place to another after every few days. Also pick a song to sing with your baby during these times. The wonderful lyrics of the Cuppy Cake song are a favorite around here. Find out what your baby likes to listen while getting cleaned up.

At 10 months, your baby might be an expert at crawling by now. So get that smug smile off her face, why not give her some challenge. Put a sea of cushions and pillows in her path and let see how she performs. To nudge her on, play some cool song in the background while you cheer her at the other end of the room to come to her. When she finally does, treat her with loads of kisses. That smug smile suits her immensely, doesn’t it?

Whenever you play with your baby, just make sure that those times are filled with hugs, appreciations and loud cheers. Babies thrive on encouragement, and kisses.