Convertible Cribs and Other Different Kinds of Baby Crib

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Are you looking for the perfect baby crib for your baby? You must be very busy preparing the nursery room for the coming baby. You must be a little bit confused which kind of baby crib you’ll buy. There are so many kinds of baby crib to choose from so make sure to get the one that will suit your needs. Most parents decide to have convertible cribs.

Convertible cribs are baby cribs that can be converted to 3 or 4 different ways. It can cater your baby from the very first days up to his early years of life. You don’t have to buy a toddler bed or a day or full sized bed when baby gets older. So if you’re money wise, convertible cribs are the best. You can find different convertible cribs here from ToysRus or other baby stores. You can find online baby coupons that you can use for different baby stores.

If you have a smaller room, portable crib will save some space. It is smaller than standard baby crib. If you are a parent who loves to travel a lot, travel crib is perfect for you. It can fold up so it is easy to bring anywhere. Travel cribs are light and very convenient to bring along with your trips. Baby product manufacturers offer different kinds of travel cribs that you can use for your vacation.

What is the best crib for your baby? For me, the one that is durable and comfortable will be the best crib. I like the idea of a convertible crib. It is very useful and a multifunctional bed for babies. I can save money because I don’t have to buy different kinds of beds for my baby. Our baby will stay a lot in baby crib so we really have to choose the best crib. Did you choose one for your baby? Good luck!

What Causes Diaper Rash and How to Get Rid of it

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A diaper is a must when having a baby. Without it, our life will be messy and inconvenient. Can you imagine a baby without any diaper? Well, life will be messy and nobody will want that. That’s why diapers are produced to save us from the mess of baby’s poop and pee. Using diapers have advantages and disadvantages too. One disadvantage while using it is having diaper rash for babies. These red blotches give burning sensation, very painful and give discomfort on our babies.

Do you have any idea what causes diaper rash for babies? It can be dirty and soiled diapers. If diaper is not changed frequently, diaper rash is developed in baby’s diaper area. Having allergies to any substance can cause a diaper rash. It can be from diaper itself, baby wipes, baby soap, baby cream or any harsh chemical used in washing cloth diapers and any baby’s stuff. Sometimes, a diaper rash may develop in breast-fed babies when mom eats some foods that cause allergies. Some babies aged 4 months and up are introduced to some solid foods. They can eat some foods that may cause them skin allergy.

There are so many ways how to treat diaper rash for babies. Change diaper frequently. Dirty and wet diapers shouldn’t stay in baby’s skin to avoid diaper rash. If baby is allergic to any diaper, wipes, soap and cream, you should change the brand. Choose hypo allergenic or organic baby products. If you are breastfeeding mom, avoid eating foods as well as babies should avoid foods that cause allergies. Make sure to use mild soap detergent when washing cloth diapers or other stuff. Always make sure that baby’s diaper area is clean and dry. Apply diaper cream or petroleum jelly to the affected areas before changing again the diaper. If rashes keeps appearing, ask you pedia or baby dermatologist to find out what causes diaper rash on your baby.

How to Prevent Infant Gas From Building Up in Your Baby’s Little Tummy

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What is infant gas? How to cure and prevent it? A gas is very common to infants. Their digestive system is not fully developed and that may become sensitive and could lead to infant gas. A gas in baby is caused by swallowed air when feeding. This can occur when using pacifier and when they cry a lot. It can also be caused by certain foods that breastfeed moms have eaten. Some foods are not good for babies and made them gassy.

There are some ways to prevent infant gas like avoiding certain foods that contributes to gas when breastfeeding. Try to avoid dairy, soy and peanut products from your diet. Avoid too much caffeine foods and drinks, broccoli, cabbage, beans, cauliflower and others. If bottle-fed, make sure to use especially designed bottle and nipple for infant. You can try other infant formula and see how your baby reacts.

Always make sure to burp your baby regularly after feeding to eliminate the gas from building up in his tummy. You can lay him down with his tummy and gently rub his back or lay him in your shoulder and gently tap his back to burp. Give him a warm shower that will relax his little tummy and could also let him sleep well.

Try to hold him next to you so that he could feel you. They feel safe closer to you. Gently massage his stomach and have a bicycle move exercise. You can try gripe water to threat gastrointestinal discomfort for babies. Many parents use gas drops to treat a gassy baby. It is better to consult a doctor first to know what will be the best gas drops for your baby.

There are so many brands for gas reliefs for babies. Drops like Mylicon, Tummy Calm, Semithicone are very common. They are proven to be effective and can cure infant gas. Make sure to do anything that could help your baby. If the baby is happy, I’m sure everybody is happy too.

How Gas Drops Could Help your Crying Baby

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What are gas drops for? This is actually an over the counter liquid medication to relieve discomfort on your baby brought by gassiness and abdominal pain. Since it is an over the counter medicine, that means it is proven and tested by most mothers to be safe for our babies. If some home remedies for gassiness don’t work, try gas drops. Make sure to consult an expert first so he could give you the best advice on which brand is best for your baby. Simethicone, Tummy Calm, gripe water and probiotic are some samples of baby gas drops.
A gassy baby may feel pain and may cry a lot. They usually get gas during feeding and if they cry too much. Sometimes we don’t know what to do and we get to panic. There are some ways and tips to prevent gas in our babies aside from using a medication. These are making sure that you feed your baby in the right position, in which the head must be higher than his stomach. Another is by using slower-flow-nipple if you’re bottle feeding. In that way, he can have less gas when feeding. Also, make sure to burp your baby every after feeding. There are so many ways and position how to do it like laying him in a flat surface. You can try to give him a tummy massage. It will loosen the gas and will relax your baby’s tummy. If some simple remedies don’t work, that’s the time you can buy gas relief for babies mentioned above.
They said that all babies have gas. It just so happen that sometimes they can have too much gas. An infant gas may be terrifying because they may cry a lot. Some symptoms are bloating, burping and cramps. Some studies explained that gas for baby is not something to worry about but we have to be careful because sometimes it might be a sign of gastrointestinal problem. Always check your baby’s poop. If a baby has a fever and there’s blood on his stool, bring him to the doctor immediately. It may be serious than what we think.

Constipation in Newborns: A Mom Panic Moment

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We know how hard it is when we’re constipated, how much for infants? It’s so difficult when constipation in newborns is present. We try hard to understand what causes them to constipate when all we give them is just pure liquid. So why do they constipate? What are the causes? I have come to understand that formula milk has something to do with constipation in infants. This is because formula milk is harder to digest compared to breast milk. Also the stool of a breastfed baby is different from a baby fed with formula milk. The stool is thicker and different in color.

Constipation is more likely to happen on infants who are receiving formula milk. But of course, breastfeeding moms should still be careful because our babies can still get constipated. How? If our babies get dehydrated they can get constipated. As a breastfeeding mom, we also have to monitor the amount of milk we are giving them. If they are lacking milk from us they could get dehydrated. Upon learning this, I realized how important breast milk is for babies. How nutritious and helpful it can be for the health and development of our young ones.

So if your child is constipated and you think the condition is just mild for a home remedy, there are several ways to do so like a tummy massage or water therapy. Don’t give foods even if it’s rich in fiber. Remember, you are dealing with a newborn who’s not ready yet for solid foods, you might just worsen the condition. Ask your child’s doctor about it and I’m sure she’ll provide you with a prescription. Constipation in newborns could really be bothersome and could make us panic, but always remember to give your babies lots of liquid to prevent this from happening.


Try This Effective and Safe Infant Gas Relief

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Crying is the only way our babies especially our newborns communicate with us when they feel something wrong. Since they can’t speak for themselves and do body language, unusual crying is what they do to get our attention. The first time I heard my baby cry out loud I got worried because usually she cries when she’s hungry. But I remember I just fed her an hour before, so it can’t be for that reason.I also noticed she kept on stretching and she’s getting gassy. I know for certain that she’s having tummy pain. I tapped her stomach gently and checked closely if her tummy is full of air. But it could be pretty hard to distinguish the sound especially for a small person like her. In this case, I should think of a better and safe infant gas relief.

My mom thought me that babies need to burp after feeding especially if the baby is bottle fed, and when they don’t burp properly it could cause flatulence and gas build up. One of the little remedies I always do is putting my baby on a face down position so it would help her release the air from her stomach while gently tapping her back. Also, I usually carry her on my shoulder and gently rub her arms in upward motion. I always make her burp after feeding to avoid flatulence.

infant gas relief


But sometimes, flatulence could be severe and needs medication. I heard that liniment is effective in adults, but I don’t want to take risk and use it on my baby. I know it has high menthol content which could be harsh for her young skin. I ruled out the liniment option but instead I tried, infant gas drops. The one I used is mylicon drops. You can buy it over the counter but it would still be best if you consult your baby’s doctor first. I applied drops and after an hour or so my baby went back to a sound sleep so I assumed that the medication for infant gas relief worked on her.

How To: Relieve Baby Constipation

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Oh no, fussy crying baby and you don’t know what to do. You examine your baby and notice his or her little belly feels a little hard and then it hits you, oh my goodness, my baby hasn’t pooped in a few days. Don’t panic, it is usually just due to something they ate, it isn’t usually anything major, although you should still consult the pediatrician as they will let you know if it is something minor and also ease your mind a little bit. I have some “get your baby to poop fast” tips that have always worked for my babies.

  • Give them straight apple juice (do not mix half and half with water like your normally would juts straight apple juice.) Note: this will not work for all babies; it depends on age so always consult the Pediatrician.
  • If apple juice doesn’t work you can try prune juice, what I did was mix apple and prune juice since prune juice can be more of an acquired taste versus a preferred one.
  • An old school remedy is Caro syrup, you can put a little bit into a bottle with just some warm water or if you wanted to you could even mix it with breast milk or formula.
  • Baby suppositories, they do sell these over the counter, just be careful because depending on age and weight there are certain doses you need to use, you can cut the suppository in half, and when I say half I mean lengthwise cut in half due to a lot of the medicine being in the tip of the suppository.
  • If all else fails call the Pediatrician again and let them know, they will most likely want to see your baby at their office so they can further investigate to see what the problem may be.