Fulfilling the Dream: Baby Nursery Ideas

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Expecting a baby is always a joyous occasion. It is very exciting, especially for first-time parents, to prepare the nursery for the future bundle of joy. The search for baby nursery ideas usually starts at the confirmation of the news. But like any other parent, you’d want your baby’s room to be visually appealing. Here are some baby nursery decorating tips for you.

• Play it by color.
Colors make any nursery bright and cheerful. For baby boy nursery ideas, the color of choice is usually light blues to tan. Browns are also a favorite as it provides a roomy appeal. For baby girl nurseries, pink and yellow top the list. You can also choose to use gender-neutral colors like green and light orange.

• Have a theme.
The easiest way to design a nursery for your tiny tot is to work around a theme. Notice that most baby nursery ideas articles would tell you to work on a theme-based design. For example, cartoon characters are a common theme for boys while fairytale characters and princesses are a hit for baby girls.

• Make the room conducive to learning.
Aside from aesthetics, you should also incorporate particular designs that would encourage mental and physical development. Having building blocks for toddlers is one of the common boy nursery ideas. You can also use floor mats with alphabet designs to entice the curiosity of the baby when the time is right.

• Baby-proof the room.
Way before your baby can crawl or walk, you should “baby-proof” the room by ensuring that there are no sharp edges. Purchase corner protectors for the furniture you’d install. Also make sure that your electric outlets are covered and child-proof. Choose cabinets and drawers that can be locked.

Designing your baby’s room is a relaxing experience. Ensure that you have all areas covered by prioritizing the child’s safety. Other than this, enjoy the experience!

Cute Diaper Bags Your Baby Will Love

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When it comes to choosing the bag where we put our baby’s stuff, it is always better if we go for cute diaper bags. This way we could easily recognize that the bag is intended to use on baby stuff. We could easily know where to get the things we need for our baby especially if we are going on a vacation and we have lots of bags to bring.

I always find hello kitty characters cute and pretty. Hello kitty diaper bags are so ideal for baby girls. For boys, I think an owl diaper bag is cute. Owl designs can be used for both girls and boys. When you choose the right kind of diaper bag, don’t just go for the design. You also have to make sure that the bag is durable and can withstand everyday use. Sometimes even if we just stay at home, a diaper bag comes handy especially if your baby’s changing station is located upstairs.

You can put in everything you need in your cute diaper bag so make sure that you have a big several compartments. The things you can put in a diaper bags are the following: baby diapers, baby bottles, formula milk, towels, bibs, booties, mittens, baby wipes, extra clothes, blanket, toys, and a lot more.

As much as possible before purchasing, look closely on the product’s material. If it is made of fabric, then it’s okay because it can be washable. Preferably, choose a vinyl lining or the inside material of the bag, because vinyl is waterproof. Since you are putting water and baby bottles inside your bag, you should separate the clothes from the bottles so that when it accidentally spill, the baby clothes will not get wet. The bag must also have an extra compartment for used diapers so that even if trash can is not available, you can still secure the soiled diaper but away from other baby stuff.

A Wooden High Chair or the Plastic One

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When it comes to choosing the right high chair for your baby, you have to consider so many things and usually all these things are connected to your baby’s safety. When your child is ready to sit then that’s the time you can let him use a high chair, and usually he can use this until the age of 3 to 5, or until he is ready to use an ordinary chair.

There different types of high chair, like the basic, high-end, and full featured. There are also wooden high chairs and portable plastic high chair. I love wooden furniture and as much as possible I want to use a wooden high chair for my baby. High chair made of wood looks elegant and very durable. It can last for years, even your grand kids can still use the wooden high-chair.

Some wooden high chairs, especially those hand-me-downs are not updated. As years pass, there are new safety standards being implemented particularly on baby gears. Old wooden chairs that were created years ago may not be able to provide the safety for your little baby. The only way you can use an updated wooden high chair is for you to have it customized and give it features of a standard-safety-passed high chairs. This could be more expensive.

Nowadays, mothers choose baby products and furniture that can make their life easier. Most of them would go for plastic high chairs that are portable so that they could bring it anywhere. Most plastic high chair manufacturers are following the safety standards and their products have Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) seal of approval. Usually the seal of approval are found on its packaging. If the product doesn’t have that, don’t buy it because you will just put your baby’s safety at risk.

Baby Bottle Brands, What to Choose?

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When I was still young, I get fascinated when my little sister is feeding from the baby bottle. I like the print designs on the bottle especially animals, cartoon characters, and a lot more. I also get fascinated with the different shapes and uses some bottles have. I can see my sister using a bottle with a hole inside where she can grip her hand easily on the bottle so she can hold it while feeding. There are also other shapes that are really fascinating.

Now that I’m a mom I am trying to find those kinds of bottles I see when I was still young. I know my baby will get fascinated by it too. But I also still buy other kinds of bottles, even those that have less fancy designs and shapes, like Avent and Dr. Brown’s. These brands are really good and give a smoother feeding process, but sometimes smooth feeding process could also be achieved using ordinary unbranded bottles. Just make sure that these unbranded bottles are BPA-free, because the best baby bottles are safe to use and BPA free.

The technique actually is a good quality feeding nipple. A nipple that is not too hard for the baby to latch on. Usually silicone nipples are too hard for the baby and using this often gives the baby a hard time and sometimes it could cause mouth sores and inflamed gums which gives them more trouble feeding milk. As for my experience, I highly recommend rubber nipples because they are softer and easier for the baby to suck. Also, they are way cheaper than silicone but not as durable. Though it may not last for long, using rubber nipple together with the best bottles still gives the baby a more comfortable feeding. You just need to buy several of it for replacement. Rubber nipples have standard size and can easily fit to any baby bottle size.

Stylish Wall Decals for Nursery Room

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It is fun to decorate a nursery room. You will never know your hidden talent in decorating if you don’t give a try. It is like you’re doing a job of an interior designer. You are the interior designer of your baby’s space. The nursery wall decals are those playful and youthful characters that will become your baby’s new best friend. Most of them are made of vinyl stickers that easily stick to the nursery wall. If you set the nursery room with great and entertaining nursery wall decals, he will be amazed. Just imagine bright colors and cute characters will spark everywhere. It will catch your baby’s attention and he’ll be enjoying spending time with his nursery room.

Many online shops offer great wall decals for nursery room. They have plenty of nursery decals for baby girl and baby boy. My kids when they are babies loved cars wall decals in their nursery room. They also like different kinds of animal wall decals that I set to the wall near their baby crib. Sometimes, my baby will spend a lot of time looking for special character and looks like that they are best friend.

It will be adventurous if you set a large tree and different animal nursery decals in your baby boy’s nursery room. It feels like he is in the jungle trying to play with different animals. DIY Winnie the Pooh Swing and Tree wall decal for a nursery room is entertaining. It will both entertain baby girl and baby boy. I found cute, colorful and adorable nursery wall decals from Ebay and they are very cheap. Other online shops also have different kinds of wall decals and very affordable.

Try to decorate your nursery room with relaxing and entertaining wall decals to add colors and beauty to your baby’s room.

Think Child Safety First, Use a Durable Car Seat

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As parents, we are always the ones responsible for our child safety especially when travelling in a car. We should make sure that our baby is safe all the time. Choosing the right car seat will make sure that your baby and child are safe. Make sure to buy the one that fits perfectly to your car. Follow the directions carefully when installing a car seat in your car. Always remember that a car seat that is not installed correctly may contribute danger instead of safety to your baby.

Every one of us should follow child safety seat laws to avoid any injuries or deaths during car accidents. Actually, child safety seat laws differ in every state and country. Child’s age, weight and heights are factors that you have to consider when choosing a car seat. Infant car seat in rear facing position should be used for infants that weigh 2 kilograms to 13 kilograms from birth to 15 months. A forward facing car seat should be used for baby aged 9 months to 4 years that weigh 9 kg to 18 kg.

For children aged 4 to 6 years and weigh 15 kg to 25 kg, sitting, forward facing or rear facing car seat can be used. A booster car seat should be used for children aged 4 to 10 years and weigh 22 kg to 36 kg. Sitting and forward facing car seats will be best for them. Convertible car seats can cater to infants up to their early years. A lot of parents choose convertible car seat because they can save money. They don’t have to buy many car seats until their baby is ready to use the cars original seat.

There are many car seat safety tips that you can follow to have a safe trip. Correctly installed car seat will prevent injuries or deaths in any car collision. Never leave your children alone in a car. Find other tips at Safekids.org. Make sure to follow any rules and regulations for your child safety.

Convertible Cribs and Other Different Kinds of Baby Crib

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Are you looking for the perfect baby crib for your baby? You must be very busy preparing the nursery room for the coming baby. You must be a little bit confused which kind of baby crib you’ll buy. There are so many kinds of baby crib to choose from so make sure to get the one that will suit your needs. Most parents decide to have convertible cribs.

Convertible cribs are baby cribs that can be converted to 3 or 4 different ways. It can cater your baby from the very first days up to his early years of life. You don’t have to buy a toddler bed or a day or full sized bed when baby gets older. So if you’re money wise, convertible cribs are the best. You can find different convertible cribs here from ToysRus or other baby stores. You can find online baby coupons that you can use for different baby stores.

If you have a smaller room, portable crib will save some space. It is smaller than standard baby crib. If you are a parent who loves to travel a lot, travel crib is perfect for you. It can fold up so it is easy to bring anywhere. Travel cribs are light and very convenient to bring along with your trips. Baby product manufacturers offer different kinds of travel cribs that you can use for your vacation.

What is the best crib for your baby? For me, the one that is durable and comfortable will be the best crib. I like the idea of a convertible crib. It is very useful and a multifunctional bed for babies. I can save money because I don’t have to buy different kinds of beds for my baby. Our baby will stay a lot in baby crib so we really have to choose the best crib. Did you choose one for your baby? Good luck!

What Causes Diaper Rash and How to Get Rid of it

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A diaper is a must when having a baby. Without it, our life will be messy and inconvenient. Can you imagine a baby without any diaper? Well, life will be messy and nobody will want that. That’s why diapers are produced to save us from the mess of baby’s poop and pee. Using diapers have advantages and disadvantages too. One disadvantage while using it is having diaper rash for babies. These red blotches give burning sensation, very painful and give discomfort on our babies.

Do you have any idea what causes diaper rash for babies? It can be dirty and soiled diapers. If diaper is not changed frequently, diaper rash is developed in baby’s diaper area. Having allergies to any substance can cause a diaper rash. It can be from diaper itself, baby wipes, baby soap, baby cream or any harsh chemical used in washing cloth diapers and any baby’s stuff. Sometimes, a diaper rash may develop in breast-fed babies when mom eats some foods that cause allergies. Some babies aged 4 months and up are introduced to some solid foods. They can eat some foods that may cause them skin allergy.

There are so many ways how to treat diaper rash for babies. Change diaper frequently. Dirty and wet diapers shouldn’t stay in baby’s skin to avoid diaper rash. If baby is allergic to any diaper, wipes, soap and cream, you should change the brand. Choose hypo allergenic or organic baby products. If you are breastfeeding mom, avoid eating foods as well as babies should avoid foods that cause allergies. Make sure to use mild soap detergent when washing cloth diapers or other stuff. Always make sure that baby’s diaper area is clean and dry. Apply diaper cream or petroleum jelly to the affected areas before changing again the diaper. If rashes keeps appearing, ask you pedia or baby dermatologist to find out what causes diaper rash on your baby.

The Best Stroller for Moms and Babies

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best strollerAre you looking for stroller for your baby and kid? A stroller is used to transport your baby and kids anywhere. It should be comfortable for both of you. As parents, we want to offer our kids the best stroller. How can we know that it is the best?

There are so many kinds of strollers from single, double or triple strollers. How can we figure out if it is the best stroller for your kid? You should consider the comfort, price and features when choosing the best stroller. Most stroller producers will promise that they have the best product. It is really good to check some customer’s reviews based on their experiences.

We can say that it is the best if it is proven and tested. Based on my research and from customer’s reviews, I did some research for best strollers 2013. The Bugaboo Cameleon is lightweight multi-terrain stroller. It has more storage space for your baby’s stuff and easy to open and close. Quinny Zapp strollers are perfect for baby and parents on the go.
It can be folded easily and lightweight so it is best when travelling. Bob Motion strollers are also good for travel. It is lightweight, durable and has plenty of space for your baby’s things. It is easy to assemble and locks automatically.

Peg Perigo produced a very lightweight stroller. It is sturdy, easy to open and close with one hand, has adjustable handles, can stand when closed and has large hood to protect your baby. Bugaboo bee is convertible stroller so you don’t have to buy many stroller until your baby is able to walk and don’t need stroller. It has adjustable handlebar, convertible canopy, very convenient for you and baby. It is expensive than others so it is not good if you’re in a budget.

There are so many good strollers available but it’s up to you which one you’ll consider the best stroller among others. Just make sure to choose the one that gives comfort for you and your baby.

The Safest Car Seats Are the Best Protection You Can Give Your Baby

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You’ve been waiting for days to bring your baby at home. The nursery room was ready days before the baby arrives. What an exciting feeling to meet your baby for the first time! Finally you’re bringing him home, but how? The safest way to bring your baby home from hospital is to use a baby car seat. You need to make sure that you have a safe baby car seat to prevent injuries when something unexpected happen. How can you know that you have the best and safest car seat?

Well, the safest car seats must go above and beyond the federal safety requirements. They should meet and exceed federal requirements for crash test. It is really important to make sure that the car seat that you’re using is safe and comfortable for your baby.

Did you install and set up the car seat in your car properly? Make sure that the car seat is fitted and set up correctly in your car. It will make all the difference in a car accident. Read and follow the instructions that come with the manual before installing. Sometimes we have this tendency to just install things according to our own ways without referring to the manual, but when it involves our baby, please avoid this mentality. A car seat that is not installed properly will not protect your baby the way he needs it. It is your obligation as a parent to make sure your baby’s security. As long as car seats are installed properly, they are the safest car seats of all.

There are car seats that are comfortable for stroller, have adjustable carrying handle and stay-in-car base. It is really good to have an efficient car seat with those three features. If you and your baby will travel in airplane, you need an aircraft compliant certification. FAA approved car seats are those car seats that been tested and passed the security measures for plane use. How do you know that the car seat you have is FAA approved? You can always find a sticker on the side of car seat that says, “This restraint is certified for use for motor vehicles and aircraft”.