Cloth Diapering 101 in the Modern Times

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Since I’m really interested and passionate about cloth diapers, I made a few research about the product and I’m about to share to you the things I learned about cloth diapering 101. Did you know that even before disposable diapers were invented, cloth diapers are already there? What do you expect your great grandma’s were using then? Of course, cloth diapers have existed way back but it is in a different form, perhaps a literal “cloth” diaper. But either way, it is still great that they know how to make cloth diapers. Even in the third world countries until now cloth diapers are used and only middle to upper class families could provide disposable diapers for their babies.

These times all products are being modernized, even cloth diapers. They are now available in different colors and friendly designs. We wear it on our babies just the way we put ordinary disposable diapers on them. But before, how to use cloth diapers is a bit complicated. You need to fold the cloth to make it thick and to match the baby’s size, and then you need to twist the middle portion so that it would fit well in between your baby’s legs. Also, you need to use diaper pins to secure the cloth.

For the past weeks, I’ve been thinking on collecting thoughts of other mom bloggers about cloth diapering 101. Since we are in the modern age where everything should come handy and because a lot of moms have to leave their babies for work, they have no choice but to use disposable diapers because life would be easier for them. And nobody can blame them for that. But I’m sure stay-at-home moms will get more encouraged if they learn the good benefits both she and her baby could get from using cloth diapers.