Free Baby Items Low Income Families

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One of the most important things for low income families, when having a baby shower, let everybody know you will need there help. Make a baby registry and tell everybody to follow the list you have chosen each item for your baby. If you are having a small baby shower, inviting your friends and family, you should be comfortable enough to ask them to buy baby items form the list.

You job is to choose cheap and affordable baby items to help you collect as many items as you think you might need as a new parent. If it’s your first born you can ask close friends for advice to help you get rid of products you might not really use, so why waste money?

Look for baby shower registry top selling lists to help you find items you can use that you never thought of before.

To get free baby items for low income families please follow us on Facebook. I’d love to hear from you for specific baby products you want to buy, and I will do my best to help you get it for less or for free, get free baby items, coupons and samples.

What Does a Newborn Baby Need?

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We bet everyone in your social circle has told you how expensive it can be but first time parents tend to think along the lines, ‘How expensive can it really be? It’s just a tiny baby and how much could he need’ right?

Well, here’s the list of some absolute essentials that your baby is going to need when he’s born:
Crib – If you are buying a used crib make sure it fulfills all the safety requirements and regulations.
Changing table – A money saving option can be to buy a crib where a changing table comes attached with it. This way, you are also saving extra space.
Drawers – you are going to need storage space to keep baby’s things handy, like diaper hampers, toys, her clothes and other stuff that you need readily.
Glider – It is not essential, but it’s great to have especially if you decide to breastfeed your baby. It gives you a space to have some rest between or while feeding time.
Bedding – You are going to need thick and firm mattress and sheets for the baby’s cot.
Nightlight – To help you in the middle-of-the-night-nappy changes.
Breastfeeding – If you are breastfeeding, you’ll need nursing pads and probably a nursing pillow to help your back.
Bottle-feeding – A good sized bottle, sterilizer, formula and spare nipples.
Bathing ramp – If you are not going to bathe him in your sink.
Toiletries – buy natural ones to keep your baby’s sensitive skin protected from chemicals.
Towels – Buy some bath towels and some hand towels.
Cotton swabs – These and cotton wool comes great in handy for instant spot cleaning. Swabs are great to clear areas around ears and nose etc.
Diapers and wipes.
Onesies – Full and half-sleeved, both.
Cardigans – buy jumpers and cardigans for when it’s cold.
Baby monitor.

Activities for an 8 Month Old Baby

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This is the perfect age to introduce or advance games in your baby’s playtime that show her cause and effect. Her brain is developed enough to begin to understand this concept along with many others so make sure her playtime is helping her learn and master skills that she’ll need.
Toys that respond in anyway, like the ones that light up with touch, or start moving if you press a button, or traditional Jack-in-the-box kind of toys where she understands that every cause, every action has an effect, a response.

Most 8 month babies start to crawl, even if your baby hasn’t started yet, it is a great game to help her along. Give her some objects that are round so they can roll and let her play with them when she is crawling. The rolling item will roll away from her when she’ll try to catch it and that’ll further encourage her to crawl towards it.

Water becomes a real favorite of most babies around this age. Indulge her in water games. Increase the duration of her baths so she can have a satisfying splash. Bath toys especially sponge like that absorb and then spray water are great to get some giggles out of her.

With his love for big sounds increasing, let him play with plastic spoons, aluminum cans and other items found in the kitchen that make noise when clanked against each other or thrown against a wall. That will not only help her learn cause and effect, but is great for her newfound love for sounds too.

Breastfeeding: Bottle versus Baby

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So your maternity leave is about to end and you have to join work soon, but your baby is not taking your expressed milk from the bottle and formula is not what you have in mind. What to do?
There are a few tips that have helped mothers in similar situations so they might work for you, and you may have tried these already. Just go through the list and if you see something you haven’t tried before, give it a go:
Use a bottle which has a twisty design so the milk flow is slower. A straight bottle may have a quicker flow of milk. Also, use a latex nipple instead of a silicone one. Browse the stores and talk to other moms in the similar situation and find out which bottles and nipples brought the success.

Try not giving the bottle yourself. Have her daddy or a babysitter give the bottle to her. This way, she’ll not associate bottle with you. Also, do not immediately offer her breast after she’s been refusing bottle for some time. Let her know that a rejected bottle will not be replaced with an instant breast.
Try holding her in different position while you bottle feed her. She’ll know it’s different. Put her in her car seat or vibrating chair so she won’t be in a mindset to expect breast milk.

An important thing to keep in mind is that whenever you hit a roadblock call your lactation consultant to help you along the way. They’ll be in a better position to offer you more customized advice because they’ve seen you nursing your baby.

Also, do not make this a battle between your baby and the bottle. She’ll eventually take the bottle; she’s just waiting for a solution that she’d like.

Co-Sleeping Gadgets

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Will it be completely inaccurate if we said co-sleeping is a controversial subject among the parenting community? Well, maybe not completely. The truth is, this concept does raise some eyebrows and the risk of SIDS is the first thing that pops into mind when someone says co-sleeping. However, co-sleeping does not have to be a negative thing.

By implementing some precautions and using some modern-day gadgets, we can make this millennium-old practice acceptable for the modern parents.
Getting side rails installed on one side of the bed can be an effective co-sleeping precaution where it can prevent the baby from rolling off the bed and falling down. You can get it installed where you’ll be putting the baby and sleep without any fear of baby falling down.

There are companies that make bassinets, which directly attach to the parents’ bed, and are covered with side rails from all three sides. It is, of course, open to the side of parents’ bed so mommy can easily pick a crying baby in the middle of the night and feed him hassle-free.

If you are travelling and you practice co-sleeping, specially designed sleeping bags for parents and babies work great. These sleeping bags prevent covers falling off on babies’ face and hence reduce any risk of SIDS whatsoever.

These three are some of the most popular co-sleeping tools available in the market. We hope that investing in one of these solutions may help you shed down any fears you have letting your baby co-sleep with you.

How to get free baby bottle samples

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Experienced parents will tell you that baby bottles are on item you simply can’t have too many of.  Large, small, glass or plastic, getting free bottles can help you save a lot of money. Here are some great sources for getting fee baby bottles:

You can sing up at CoolSavings.Com   for free bottles from about 16 different brands of such as Playtex, Evenflo and other major brand bottle makers. Gerber, Enfamil and other formula makers also offer free bottles.

By signing up to be a member of you can get free bottles along with diaper coupons, formula and other helpful freebies. not only helps new parents get free baby bottles, but also makes recommendations on other baby products.

The baby section of  carries coupons, sample giveaways and other baby product goodies just waiting for parents to request them.

Most of your baby formula and major brand baby product makers have websites where you can sign up for free samples of bottles along with other products.  Baby expos, pediatrician offices and your pre-natal care provider generally offer free baby products to new parents. Most of the time when you sign up to receive free baby formula samples, Similac and other companies will send you free small baby bottles as well.  Many times if you choose to give your baby formula, the birthing center where your baby is born will send you home with either the unused bottles of formula or a gift bag that may include free bottles.

Playtime – for a Newborn

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Good luck trying your newborn to get excited about playtime. Newborns are infamous for being the most boring companions at dinnertime, or playtime, for that matter. Therefore, no need lining up a whole list of activities to do with your newborn; at this stage, you are also in the middle of your recovery so here are two easy-breezy games to get your little one involved in that wont’ need any physical exertion.

Give him a massage:
A gentle and soothing massage is exactly what your little baby needs. At this time of developmental progress, your baby needs your loving touch and some expert pressure here and there to keep him healthy and fit. Get some baby oil or a plain vegetable oil like olive oil and rub it on your hands. Take your baby’s clothes off and if it’s chilly, adjust the temperature so your baby won’t feel cold. Place your baby on his back on a fluffy wool towel and start massaging. Keep your pressure gentle and stroke your fingers on his body in a circular motion. Start from his toes and work your way up. Lay your hands flat on his chest and move them outward to give a refreshing massage, reverse the motion for nighttime massage to soothe him to a better sleep.

Shake a rattle:
Rattles are great for babies of all ages. Even newborns who do not respond to much, do respond to loud noises so it’s a great toy for keeping your baby engaged during diaper change times. Invest in a few rattles so your baby can enjoy the variety!

Playtime – 3 Month Old – Week 3

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Did we tell you that babies in their third month of life are completely capable of making those amazing sounds of ooohs, and aahs, and coos which make their initial forms of conversation? Babies this age are also learning to smile, show their surprise and squeal with delight too. The games this week are proposed to make your baby giggle (in whichever baby-way they can) and get surprised to their fullest.

Pop up!
This is a simple, classic and really easy game to play with your little one, and the one that you can keep playing the whole day as long as she enjoys it. It involves the simple task of you reappearing from nowhere and surprising your baby to get some giggle and squeaks out of her. Of course, there won’t be any ‘nowhere’ out of which you’d be reappearing so while she is on changing table, or simply lying on her play mat, hide behind a door, and pop out with an exaggerated squeal or a similarly animated sound. Your baby will love how you came into sight out of nowhere and surprised her. This is your baby learning cause and effect.

This is a variation of the above explained game and doesn’t require you hiding away and popping out. It is a simple matter of surprising your baby by suddenly saying WHAT where you first make a round face on her, and end the WHAT with a laugh. Just catch your baby when she has her attention focused on something else and surprise her with a sudden WHAT. Don’t make it too loud or noisy or else you’re just going to scare her.

Shopping for Maternity Clothes-looking good, being comfortable without breaking the bank!

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Just can’t get that zipper all the way up anymore? Don’t worry, this is normal! That baby bump is finally making it known and making it a bit difficult to find stuff in your closet that still fits comfortably!

Going shopping for a maternity wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to drain the bank account. If you’re not lucky enough to have friends and family who can lend you maternity clothes, then there is a way to look good, be comfortable and in style.  Remember, with most items, you’re only going to wear them a few months before the baby’s born and just a short period of time after you give birth.  The trick is to buy some basics that can be mixed and matched for different looks. If you need something nice for special occasions, then invest in a nice pair of slacks, blouse, skirt or multi-piece dress.

A little smart shopping can go a long way when it comes to maternity clothes. Remember, with basic colors and designs, you can change things up with accessories! Stick to solid colors for your pants and skirts and then add printed tops that will coordinate with each of your bottom pieces. When you shop, don’t go too much larger than your normal size. Most maternity clothing size parallels with non-maternity sizes. In other words, if you’re a large in your regular clothes, unless you’re carrying twins or gain a great deal of weight, you’ll most likely be a large in maternity clothing as well.  The point is to find something that feels comfortable and that you feel good about wearing.

3 Tricks I use to save Money on Baby Food

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A new parent to be may not really realize the expense that can be incurred with just baby food alone, once your baby is eating solid foods. The good news is that there are 3 tricks I have used to save money on baby food that can help you in the process.

1. Buy in bulk. Check out wholesale warehouses or stores online such as Amazon. They usually sale baby food jars in bulk, helping to cut the costs of each jar of food, this is a great way to not only save money but to stock up as well.

2. Don’t be afraid of off brands. Buying off brand baby food is nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t be afraid of any of the off brand labels, they are just as nutritional for your baby and a little cheaper in the process.

3. Coupons! Coupons on baby food are everywhere you look; you just have to know where to turn. Check your local Sunday papers, parenting magazines, grocery stores, and even your doctor’s office for valuable coupons. They can help you to save money where you need to the most.

Having a baby doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You just have to know where to look, and do a bit of research before your little one is here on how you can save money on all the necessities they will require. Once you have done that, there is nothing left to do but to enjoy the time you have, watching your little one grow before your eyes.