Activities for an 11-Month-Old Baby

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It seems just like yesterday that you were being rushed to the hospital for your first delivery, and now that little gem is already 11 month old! Time does fly when you are sleep deprived and exhausted. So take a break and indulge in some activities that only require your supervision and minimal involvement. For example, stacking the blocks.

Let the baby play with her blocks for some time. An 11 month old baby is perfectly able to sit upright and spend her time stacking one block over the other. Colorful blocks, the sound of blocks falling on the hard floor and the simple act of picking it up and trying to put it on top of another is a whole game for the baby. But make sure to help her a little before she is not yet able to stack the blocks properly and might get annoyed that she can’t set the blocks right.

Another great activity during this time is to read to your baby. Get some story books with hard cover pages and large pictures and read to her animatedly. Yes, she is still too young to understand anything about the story, but the colorful pictures, your soothing voice and her freedom to touch those glossy pages are a real treat for her.

As a bonus, a nightly reading routine may be able to instill in her the love for books. Experts also suggest that reading to your baby every day for fifteen minutes is good for their brain development.

Activities for a 10-Month-Old Baby

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As your baby grows into her own person, you’ll be able to see definite personality traits in her that’ll sometime surprise you or endear her to you even more. More than planning special games at this point, it is more important to keep her engaged in her surroundings. Talk to her more often about how your day has been, try having conversations with her about what she is eating or what you guys saw in the park the other day.

When you are changing her diaper, routinely switch diaper stations from one place to another after every few days. Also pick a song to sing with your baby during these times. The wonderful lyrics of the Cuppy Cake song are a favorite around here. Find out what your baby likes to listen while getting cleaned up.

At 10 months, your baby might be an expert at crawling by now. So get that smug smile off her face, why not give her some challenge. Put a sea of cushions and pillows in her path and let see how she performs. To nudge her on, play some cool song in the background while you cheer her at the other end of the room to come to her. When she finally does, treat her with loads of kisses. That smug smile suits her immensely, doesn’t it?

Whenever you play with your baby, just make sure that those times are filled with hugs, appreciations and loud cheers. Babies thrive on encouragement, and kisses.

Activities for a 9-Month-Old Baby

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Most babies in their 9th month start crawling fully and the next step is to build their upper body strength so they can easily pull themselves up and support their weight in the coming months. A fun game to do that is to grab a somewhat bigger toy and let the baby hold it. This toy can be any stuffed toy that the baby can hold on to firmly, and if it is your baby’s favorite toy, all the better.

Now pull the toy towards you, while your baby will try to pull it back. Doing this tug war, you can try pulling the baby up on her legs, as a weight lifting exercise. However, do not pull too strongly because your baby may let go and start howling instantly.

A really fun and thoroughly enjoyable game is to splash in the bathtub with the baby. Fill the tub with bubbles and foam till baby’s waist and let her play with different squirting toys in the tub. Using shower handle you can spray water on the baby making it more fun. If there are older kids around, ask them to jump in too and play with the baby. Keep an eye on things because such games have a tendency to get over exciting for these easily stimulated babies.

Another messy fun game is to put the baby on her highchair and let her do her thing with her food. Make some edible finger paint with colorful purees like apple, carrot or peaches and put it in her tray. Do not worry about the mess she’ll create, because she’s going to look even more adorable with all that puree stuck to her face.


How Do You Get a Newborn to Sleep?

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During the first few weeks, do not expect your baby to be great company. She is probably going to sleep

for 18 hours out of the 24. But those hours will be not be divided into more than a stretch of maximum

3-4. Babies do not fall into very deep sleep and it’ll be some time before you can expect them to sleep

for the whole night.

However, there are steps that you can take to instill good sleeping habits in her. Following are a few

suggestions that you can incorporate into your baby’s nighttime sleep routine.

• Give her a good massage and a bath early in the evening. Olive oil is probably the best massage

oil you can use for your baby, as in addition to soothing, it also strengthens the muscles.

• Babies cannot stay awake for more than two hours at a time so make sure you put him down to

sleep in that timeframe to avoid her fussiness. Because once she is overtired, she won’t doze off


• Your baby will be giving you signs as to when she is ready to sleep. Learn to detect those

signs. They may include rubbing her eyes, staring blankly into space, yawning and stretching,

becoming quiet and losing interest in her surroundings, and also flicking his ears with her hands.

All these are telltale signs that she is sleepy.

• Make sure she is comfortably warm when you put her to sleep, but do not burden her with

layers. She needs room to breathe. Just cover her with a light fabric sheet if weather allows for


• Swaddle her every time you put her to bed, whether nighttime sleep or daytime naps.

Swaddling will make her feel secure and protected, and help her fall asleep quickly and easily.

• Switch off the lights when it’s nighttime. This way, she’ll learn it’s a nighttime signal and will be

unconsciously ready to fall asleep. Use a night light if necessary.

• When she’s six to eight weeks old, start letting her fall asleep on her own, without you holding

or rocking her. It is a great sleep habit which will serve you immensely when she’s a toddler.

How to Bond with Your Newborn in the Early Weeks

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The early weeks of being a new mom can be pretty scary. Whether you were completely prepared

to start a family, or sort of stumbled into it, those early weeks will help you come to grips to the new

reality of being a mom and responsible for another person’s care who utterly depends on you. Before

you get caught up in the frenzy of it, just take a deep breath and realize that bonding doesn’t have to

be an external experience for which you have to plan activities, no, it’s something that you are already

doing, like changing his diaper or feeding him or giving him a bath. Just be consciously aware now that

you’ll use this moments to develop a relationship with your little prince, or princess.

Remember that babies are notorious for detecting their mommies’ moods. So if you are relaxed and

calm, baby will calm down too (comparatively), and if you are anxious, baby will detect the signs in how

you handle him, talk to him, your tone of voice – so, just breathe. Pretend to him you are a pro. He

doesn’t need to know otherwise!

A great way to bond with your baby in the early weeks is to use as much opportunities as available to

have chats with him. You don’t have to share your life’s goals with him (or maybe you do, he might be

interested), but just make an effort to talk to him. Tell him what you are doing, and how happy you are,

and where is daddy. Play peek-a-boo with him while you are changing him. When you are nursing him,

use your fingers to stroke his hair or arm. Kiss his fingers. Remain in contact with him as much as you


Bath time and massages are another great way to get the bonding going. Give him an olive oil massage

right before bath. It’ll strengthen his muscles and will give you a little time to play with him too.