How To: Relieve Baby Constipation

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Oh no, fussy crying baby and you don’t know what to do. You examine your baby and notice his or her little belly feels a little hard and then it hits you, oh my goodness, my baby hasn’t pooped in a few days. Don’t panic, it is usually just due to something they ate, it isn’t usually anything major, although you should still consult the pediatrician as they will let you know if it is something minor and also ease your mind a little bit. I have some “get your baby to poop fast” tips that have always worked for my babies.

  • Give them straight apple juice (do not mix half and half with water like your normally would juts straight apple juice.) Note: this will not work for all babies; it depends on age so always consult the Pediatrician.
  • If apple juice doesn’t work you can try prune juice, what I did was mix apple and prune juice since prune juice can be more of an acquired taste versus a preferred one.
  • An old school remedy is Caro syrup, you can put a little bit into a bottle with just some warm water or if you wanted to you could even mix it with breast milk or formula.
  • Baby suppositories, they do sell these over the counter, just be careful because depending on age and weight there are certain doses you need to use, you can cut the suppository in half, and when I say half I mean lengthwise cut in half due to a lot of the medicine being in the tip of the suppository.
  • If all else fails call the Pediatrician again and let them know, they will most likely want to see your baby at their office so they can further investigate to see what the problem may be.


Stages of Baby Development: When Can Babies Recognize People

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Babies come out of the womb recognizing voices which allows them to differentiate between people. Many people tend to forget that babies could hear for a pretty big portion of pregnancy so they are especially used to Mom and Dad and anyone else that is frequently around. The best feeling in the world though is when you have to step out away from your baby for whatever reason, whether it be to go to work or even the store, the look on their little faces when you come back to greet them is the sweetest most cutest thing ever.

Around one month of age is when babies will really start to look at you, maybe earlier but they tend to sleep, sleep and sleep some more for the first month of life so noticing if they are recognizing different people can be a bit hard to determine. I would say though that around 4 months of age is when babies start to get their preference of who they want to be around more, Mom or Dad, not that either choice is better than the other but all babies have their preference. That is why we have Mama’s boys and Daddy’s girls or even vice versa.

Why Cloth Diapers are better than Disposable Ones?

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According to latest trends, it seems like clothes diapers are making a comeback (or have they already?). Though they belong to a different era originally, here are some great facts that make clothes diapers a viable choice for modern mommies too:

  • Clothes diapers now come with snaps or even with Velcro tapes becoming as effective against leaks as any good disposable diaper.
  • Made with breathable fibers, they do not require any soaking and are easy laundered.
  • There are no chemical substances used for making clothes diapers absorbent, so there, all your worries about baby’s tushy being damaged by toxins, out of the window.
  • Clothes diapers are reusable and unlike buying diapers, you won’t have to spend money over and over again. Laundry wash does not cost that much, and an estimate tells us that with clothes diapers you can reduce your diapers and wipes cost almost to half!
  • Laundering clothes diaper is easy. Just shake off the waste to the bin and when your diaper pail is full, empty it in the washer. Then it’s a rinse-wash-rinse cycle, and you are done. Do not use bleach. You can, obviously, use any other wash cycle more suited to your needs, but make sure to keep the laundry costs minimum so you can really save money.
  • Clothes diapers are also environment friendly. They do not have any chemicals, toxins or other materials that can be harmful to baby’s skin causing rash, and are not deposited madly into landfills adding to environmental havoc.

Some Sleep Tips for New Moms

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The one thing that new moms, universally, miss the most is sleep. And yes, this comes as no surprise to the parenting community worldwide, so is there some time-tested techniques to help new moms sleep better, longer and with no interruption? Apparently not. So let’s showcase some simple tips for new moms to help them catch up on their z’s.

The very first tip, and it is quite simple really, is to sleep when the baby sleeps. Avoid reading it ‘whenever’. You won’t be able to get frequent naps like her, because there’s also laundry to do and a million other things that need you attention, but tuning your sleep schedule to hers would help you be less dizzy during the day.

If your baby is on formula, alternate the nighttime feedings between you and your partner. You can do it with breast milk too. Express the breast milk when you go to sleep and ask your partner to warm it up when the baby wakes up for her feed. You can also splurge $10 on a babysitter every once a week to take care of the baby while you sleep for a few extra hours. Baby’s grandparents and your friends can also help you out in this.

Ask your mom or a friend to watch the baby every day for a couple of hours while you hire someone else to do the dishes or the laundry while you get some much needed sleep. One major reasons of postpartum depression is the sheer exhaustion resulting from sleep deprivation, so make sure you are getting enough sleep to take better care of your baby.

It is so tempting just to throw yourself on the bed and instantly fall asleep, but sometimes when you are too tired, sleep doesn’t come that easily. So have a bath, give yourself a head massage or simply put some ear plugs in or get a white noise machine going to get yourself in the sleep mode.

It is vitally important to keep your physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing in check so you can be in a good shape to care for the baby – and sleeping better is a key for that.