Different Kinds of Baby Cribs You Can Choose From

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Are you an expectant mom-to-be? Do you know that there are different kinds of baby cribs available today? When you are expecting a baby, you are thinking and planning what kind of baby cribs you’ll have. What kind of crib do you think is good for your baby? Is it a wooden one, stylish, colorful or big crib? Or is it the one made from hard plastic or steel? You better get ready before the baby arrives!
A baby crib is where your baby sleeps and spends most of his time during early ages most probably up to two or three years. The convertible cribs are baby cribs that can be converted to a toddler bed or standard sized bed for young kids. Most parents choose this kind of crib because it is more economical than buying standard baby cribs. They don’t need to buy a toddler bed when the baby grows taller.
Another kind is the portable crib. It is smaller, shorter and narrower than a regular crib. It is good if you have a small place to set up the crib. If you own a small house or apartment, it will give you more space for other baby’s stuff. It is usually much cheaper than a regular baby crib, so when you are in a budget and need more space in your house, this one is good for you.

How about a travel crib? Are you going somewhere with the baby? You must be overwhelmed when you have to carry so many babies’ stuff with you. Wherever it is you’re going with your baby, you really need a crib, but this time a travel crib is the one you need. This is more lightweight than a regular crib. It is good because you can fold it while travelling. For those three kinds of baby cribs, which one would you choose? There are so many benefits if you choose convertible crib. It has multifunctional and can be used for few years.

How Gas Drops Could Help your Crying Baby

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What are gas drops for? This is actually an over the counter liquid medication to relieve discomfort on your baby brought by gassiness and abdominal pain. Since it is an over the counter medicine, that means it is proven and tested by most mothers to be safe for our babies. If some home remedies for gassiness don’t work, try gas drops. Make sure to consult an expert first so he could give you the best advice on which brand is best for your baby. Simethicone, Tummy Calm, gripe water and probiotic are some samples of baby gas drops.
A gassy baby may feel pain and may cry a lot. They usually get gas during feeding and if they cry too much. Sometimes we don’t know what to do and we get to panic. There are some ways and tips to prevent gas in our babies aside from using a medication. These are making sure that you feed your baby in the right position, in which the head must be higher than his stomach. Another is by using slower-flow-nipple if you’re bottle feeding. In that way, he can have less gas when feeding. Also, make sure to burp your baby every after feeding. There are so many ways and position how to do it like laying him in a flat surface. You can try to give him a tummy massage. It will loosen the gas and will relax your baby’s tummy. If some simple remedies don’t work, that’s the time you can buy gas relief for babies mentioned above.
They said that all babies have gas. It just so happen that sometimes they can have too much gas. An infant gas may be terrifying because they may cry a lot. Some symptoms are bloating, burping and cramps. Some studies explained that gas for baby is not something to worry about but we have to be careful because sometimes it might be a sign of gastrointestinal problem. Always check your baby’s poop. If a baby has a fever and there’s blood on his stool, bring him to the doctor immediately. It may be serious than what we think.

Diaper Organizer is a Must-have Stuff

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I really like organizing stuff because for me, to organize something is a great task. It feels very heavenly to see your house clean and everything in order. You don’t spend time looking for something because you know where to find them. How about a diaper organizer? I think this is a must-have for every mom because we need a better storage to put in our baby’s diapers. Diapers must be stacked in a safe place and in organized manner. How nice it is to see when they are well organized, right? Diapers must be kept clean. Remember, it touches our baby’s skin.

There are so many lovely diaper organizers available in the market today. They offer different colors and styles. Some of them have special place for baby’s other things like pacifiers, baby powder, baby wipes and some other baby’s stuff. We only put clean diapers in an organizer so that means used diapers must not be combined with it so for dirty diapers, what we need is a diaper pail. This is usually used for cloth diapers so that you can wash them off immediately after use. You simply use a liner bag to hold the cloth diapers until its wash day. There are also diaper pails designed for disposable diapers.

We have to make sure that diaper pail is closed tightly. We don’t want the smell of dirty diapers around the house right? It’s better to keep the diaper pail outside the room or house. Now, when you buy a lot of packs of baby diapers, you need something to stack those diapers, right? This time, you need a diaper stacker. This is also a diaper organizer but a bit different. You can actually make a vacant cabinet for this. How about you? Do you have a diaper organizer for your baby? If you don’t, you better get one now! It is better to organize baby’s things including baby’s diaper.

How to Produce More Breast Milk To Keep Your Baby Healthy

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Breast milk is good for babies from the very first day until two and a half years. It is very nutritious and makes babies stay healthy. It cannot be replaced by any milk supplements that are available in the market today. If you notice, most breastfed babies are very far from getting sick. Breastfeeding is something that every mother should be proud doing. It doesn’t just help babies get stronger but also makes the bond between moms and their babies stronger. How to produce more breast milk is something every mom should know.

Sometimes it is not easy to produce breast milk especially when you are a first time mom. But there are ways to help you solve this problem, like having to keep breastfeeding the baby as long as he or she is hungry. You can breastfeed more often so that the breast milk will flow naturally. For the first few days, breasts may hurt but but day by day, you will get used to it. Massaging your breasts will help in the stimulating the production of breast milk.

Drink lots of fluid like milk, natural juice or water. Don’t forget to include soup in your meal. Vegetables soup like the moringa soup is advisable. It will help you produce more milk. There is some research that having soup with seashells will help mother how to increase milk production. It is very important for every mother to relax while breastfeeding. Stay away from stress because babies may get that from you too. Some mothers will complain of not having enough milk for their babies.

One thing I learned in breastfeeding is to never give up, just breastfeed your baby every two hours a day. Never ever give up asking and searching for any tips on how to produce more breast milk. Eventually you will see that breast milk production will increase and will satisfy your baby. As we observe, children who had been breastfed when they are babies grow healthier, smarter and closer to their mother.

The Best Breast Pump According to Reviews

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The best breast pump is every nursing mom’s friend. If you aren’t pumping milk from your breast then you have no idea how hard manually pumping your breast milk is. Pumping with your hands or with a manual breast pump is both exhausting. During the first few pumps, you can still say it’s okay but after several days of doing it your hands will start to feel painful as if you are having arthritis or gout or whatever joint pains you call it.

During the first few weeks of giving birth, that is the time you are establishing your breast milk supply and every once in a while you are experiencing breast tenderness and sudden breast milk leak. Whenever this happens you need to feed you baby because the breast milk might just leak and instead of your baby getting its nutrition, the milk might just go to waste. If your baby is full and doesn’t want to drink milk, it would be better to collect the leaking milk for the baby to use later on.

You would be able to collect enormous amount of breast milk if you are going to use a breast pump. So what are the best breast pumps available in the market? Have you tried reading some breast pump reviews online?

Whether the best breast pump is an electric or not, as long as it can give you the comfort your body and hands need while collecting milk you can consider it already a good product. But if you are aiming to collect more milk in a shorter period of time then I would suggest you go for an electric breast pump. You just have to place it on your breast and it will automatically collect the milk from you. You can just sit back and watch T.V while doing it. Just make sure that you read out reviews first to know what brands are effective and durable so you could still use it on your next baby.

Constipation in Newborns: A Mom Panic Moment

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We know how hard it is when we’re constipated, how much for infants? It’s so difficult when constipation in newborns is present. We try hard to understand what causes them to constipate when all we give them is just pure liquid. So why do they constipate? What are the causes? I have come to understand that formula milk has something to do with constipation in infants. This is because formula milk is harder to digest compared to breast milk. Also the stool of a breastfed baby is different from a baby fed with formula milk. The stool is thicker and different in color.

Constipation is more likely to happen on infants who are receiving formula milk. But of course, breastfeeding moms should still be careful because our babies can still get constipated. How? If our babies get dehydrated they can get constipated. As a breastfeeding mom, we also have to monitor the amount of milk we are giving them. If they are lacking milk from us they could get dehydrated. Upon learning this, I realized how important breast milk is for babies. How nutritious and helpful it can be for the health and development of our young ones.

So if your child is constipated and you think the condition is just mild for a home remedy, there are several ways to do so like a tummy massage or water therapy. Don’t give foods even if it’s rich in fiber. Remember, you are dealing with a newborn who’s not ready yet for solid foods, you might just worsen the condition. Ask your child’s doctor about it and I’m sure she’ll provide you with a prescription. Constipation in newborns could really be bothersome and could make us panic, but always remember to give your babies lots of liquid to prevent this from happening.


Cloth Diapering 101 in the Modern Times

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Since I’m really interested and passionate about cloth diapers, I made a few research about the product and I’m about to share to you the things I learned about cloth diapering 101. Did you know that even before disposable diapers were invented, cloth diapers are already there? What do you expect your great grandma’s were using then? Of course, cloth diapers have existed way back but it is in a different form, perhaps a literal “cloth” diaper. But either way, it is still great that they know how to make cloth diapers. Even in the third world countries until now cloth diapers are used and only middle to upper class families could provide disposable diapers for their babies.

These times all products are being modernized, even cloth diapers. They are now available in different colors and friendly designs. We wear it on our babies just the way we put ordinary disposable diapers on them. But before, how to use cloth diapers is a bit complicated. You need to fold the cloth to make it thick and to match the baby’s size, and then you need to twist the middle portion so that it would fit well in between your baby’s legs. Also, you need to use diaper pins to secure the cloth.

For the past weeks, I’ve been thinking on collecting thoughts of other mom bloggers about cloth diapering 101. Since we are in the modern age where everything should come handy and because a lot of moms have to leave their babies for work, they have no choice but to use disposable diapers because life would be easier for them. And nobody can blame them for that. But I’m sure stay-at-home moms will get more encouraged if they learn the good benefits both she and her baby could get from using cloth diapers.

Try This Effective and Safe Infant Gas Relief

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Crying is the only way our babies especially our newborns communicate with us when they feel something wrong. Since they can’t speak for themselves and do body language, unusual crying is what they do to get our attention. The first time I heard my baby cry out loud I got worried because usually she cries when she’s hungry. But I remember I just fed her an hour before, so it can’t be for that reason.I also noticed she kept on stretching and she’s getting gassy. I know for certain that she’s having tummy pain. I tapped her stomach gently and checked closely if her tummy is full of air. But it could be pretty hard to distinguish the sound especially for a small person like her. In this case, I should think of a better and safe infant gas relief.

My mom thought me that babies need to burp after feeding especially if the baby is bottle fed, and when they don’t burp properly it could cause flatulence and gas build up. One of the little remedies I always do is putting my baby on a face down position so it would help her release the air from her stomach while gently tapping her back. Also, I usually carry her on my shoulder and gently rub her arms in upward motion. I always make her burp after feeding to avoid flatulence.

infant gas relief


But sometimes, flatulence could be severe and needs medication. I heard that liniment is effective in adults, but I don’t want to take risk and use it on my baby. I know it has high menthol content which could be harsh for her young skin. I ruled out the liniment option but instead I tried, infant gas drops. The one I used is mylicon drops. You can buy it over the counter but it would still be best if you consult your baby’s doctor first. I applied drops and after an hour or so my baby went back to a sound sleep so I assumed that the medication for infant gas relief worked on her.

Baby Bath Time is Fun Time

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If you are finding ways to make baby bath time fun, then I could share to you some ways to make you make your baby love bath time so much. If you are to do these with your newborns then we need to be careful bathing them while making them enjoy it because newborns could be fragile. Here are some tips:

Singing your baby’s favorite nursery rhyme while soaping can make your baby calm while bathing. She can even be excited and do a little dance. You can use some bathing tools like a sponge or a washcloth to tickle your baby gently. This will make her feel less afraid of water and make her more giddy and happy.

There is no better way for babies to enjoy a swim on the baby bath tub than having you join them, than is of course if you can fit in. But if you can manage, you can let your baby join you on the bigger tub instead. Let them play with toys while bath time. Popular toys like rubber ducky, rubber balls, squirt guns, and other bath toys could really be helpful to divert your baby’s attention specially if they are about to cry. If they have a favorite toy that is water proof then it would be much better.

baby bath

Make some bubbles. Bubble blowing and popping are proven to be effective in amusing your curious little baby. Use an infant bath seat for safety. This tool helps you secure your baby from possible water accidents like slipping and drowning. Infant bath seats are available in different colors and forms like animals, flowers and more. I hope the tips mentioned could help you create an easy, worry-free baby bath time for you and your baby.