Playtime – 3 Month Old – Week 3

Did we tell you that babies in their third month of life are completely capable of making those amazing sounds of ooohs, and aahs, and coos which make their initial forms of conversation? Babies this age are also learning to smile, show their surprise and squeal with delight too. The games this week are proposed to make your baby giggle (in whichever baby-way they can) and get surprised to their fullest.

Pop up!
This is a simple, classic and really easy game to play with your little one, and the one that you can keep playing the whole day as long as she enjoys it. It involves the simple task of you reappearing from nowhere and surprising your baby to get some giggle and squeaks out of her. Of course, there won’t be any ‘nowhere’ out of which you’d be reappearing so while she is on changing table, or simply lying on her play mat, hide behind a door, and pop out with an exaggerated squeal or a similarly animated sound. Your baby will love how you came into sight out of nowhere and surprised her. This is your baby learning cause and effect.

This is a variation of the above explained game and doesn’t require you hiding away and popping out. It is a simple matter of surprising your baby by suddenly saying WHAT where you first make a round face on her, and end the WHAT with a laugh. Just catch your baby when she has her attention focused on something else and surprise her with a sudden WHAT. Don’t make it too loud or noisy or else you’re just going to scare her.

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