Constipation in Newborns: A Mom Panic Moment

We know how hard it is when we’re constipated, how much for infants? It’s so difficult when constipation in newborns is present. We try hard to understand what causes them to constipate when all we give them is just pure liquid. So why do they constipate? What are the causes? I have come to understand that formula milk has something to do with constipation in infants. This is because formula milk is harder to digest compared to breast milk. Also the stool of a breastfed baby is different from a baby fed with formula milk. The stool is thicker and different in color.

Constipation is more likely to happen on infants who are receiving formula milk. But of course, breastfeeding moms should still be careful because our babies can still get constipated. How? If our babies get dehydrated they can get constipated. As a breastfeeding mom, we also have to monitor the amount of milk we are giving them. If they are lacking milk from us they could get dehydrated. Upon learning this, I realized how important breast milk is for babies. How nutritious and helpful it can be for the health and development of our young ones.

So if your child is constipated and you think the condition is just mild for a home remedy, there are several ways to do so like a tummy massage or water therapy. Don’t give foods even if it’s rich in fiber. Remember, you are dealing with a newborn who’s not ready yet for solid foods, you might just worsen the condition. Ask your child’s doctor about it and I’m sure she’ll provide you with a prescription. Constipation in newborns could really be bothersome and could make us panic, but always remember to give your babies lots of liquid to prevent this from happening.


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