Baby Bottle Brands, What to Choose?

When I was still young, I get fascinated when my little sister is feeding from the baby bottle. I like the print designs on the bottle especially animals, cartoon characters, and a lot more. I also get fascinated with the different shapes and uses some bottles have. I can see my sister using a bottle with a hole inside where she can grip her hand easily on the bottle so she can hold it while feeding. There are also other shapes that are really fascinating.

Now that I’m a mom I am trying to find those kinds of bottles I see when I was still young. I know my baby will get fascinated by it too. But I also still buy other kinds of bottles, even those that have less fancy designs and shapes, like Avent and Dr. Brown’s. These brands are really good and give a smoother feeding process, but sometimes smooth feeding process could also be achieved using ordinary unbranded bottles. Just make sure that these unbranded bottles are BPA-free, because the best baby bottles are safe to use and BPA free.

The technique actually is a good quality feeding nipple. A nipple that is not too hard for the baby to latch on. Usually silicone nipples are too hard for the baby and using this often gives the baby a hard time and sometimes it could cause mouth sores and inflamed gums which gives them more trouble feeding milk. As for my experience, I highly recommend rubber nipples because they are softer and easier for the baby to suck. Also, they are way cheaper than silicone but not as durable. Though it may not last for long, using rubber nipple together with the best bottles still gives the baby a more comfortable feeding. You just need to buy several of it for replacement. Rubber nipples have standard size and can easily fit to any baby bottle size.

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