A Wooden High Chair or the Plastic One

When it comes to choosing the right high chair for your baby, you have to consider so many things and usually all these things are connected to your baby’s safety. When your child is ready to sit then that’s the time you can let him use a high chair, and usually he can use this until the age of 3 to 5, or until he is ready to use an ordinary chair.

There different types of high chair, like the basic, high-end, and full featured. There are also wooden high chairs and portable plastic high chair. I love wooden furniture and as much as possible I want to use a wooden high chair for my baby. High chair made of wood looks elegant and very durable. It can last for years, even your grand kids can still use the wooden high-chair.

Some wooden high chairs, especially those hand-me-downs are not updated. As years pass, there are new safety standards being implemented particularly on baby gears. Old wooden chairs that were created years ago may not be able to provide the safety for your little baby. The only way you can use an updated wooden high chair is for you to have it customized and give it features of a standard-safety-passed high chairs. This could be more expensive.

Nowadays, mothers choose baby products and furniture that can make their life easier. Most of them would go for plastic high chairs that are portable so that they could bring it anywhere. Most plastic high chair manufacturers are following the safety standards and their products have Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) seal of approval. Usually the seal of approval are found on its packaging. If the product doesn’t have that, don’t buy it because you will just put your baby’s safety at risk.

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