Where to Find Free Baby Samples?

You probably thought dressing yourself cost and arm and a leg, but you won’t believe what it costs to dress your baby. During the first year they are growing like weeds, and constantly need new sizes of clothing. The good news is from experience I can share with you 4 ideas that helped me save money on baby clothes, especially during the first year.

Trade with Friends. If you have friends or family members with children just a bit older than yours, it’s the perfect opportunity to save money on clothes by getting hand-me-downs.
Consignment stores. A great place to look is at any local consignment stores they usually offer great deals on gently used clothing that you don’t have to end up paying top dollar for.
Online auctions. Online auction sites can help you to save a ton of money on large lots of clothing. Usually you will get a better rate or discount if you purchase multiple items of clothing from the same seller. So keep in mind finding more than one item can help to save you money as well.
Take up sewing. If you are handy with learning a new hobby, or already know how to sew, try sewing some baby clothes for your little one. Handmade items go for a lot of money especially on those auction sites we discussed and look just like name brand designer clothing for a fraction of the cost.

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