4 Ways to Play With Your 9 Month Old Baby

Playing with your 9 month old baby is beginning to become harder and rougher than you think it should be. That is because they are not more interactive as they do in the last 8 months. They can crawl faster and roll more than they have compared to the last months.
I have gathered several fun things that you can do with your 9 month old baby:

Stocking up blocks of Lego is one of the smartest things that you can give to your baby. It will help increase their creativity and tactics as to how tall the blocks they can build.

This traditional game always works for every kid of their age. It enhances their mental alertness and reasoning. This is because they will search immediately for your face when you covered it and try to look for it to other places in your room.

Hide and seek.
When your 9 month old baby is starting to crawl faster, there is a large chance to go after you when you are hiding. You are developing a bonding and fun experience for you and your baby when you do this.

When you are cooking while watching your baby, you can let him join you by allowing him to play with some dry foods that you have and a couple of plastic bowl and measuring cups. Your baby will also develop his or her sense of touch to identify different types of texture when holding those things.

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