Activities for an 8 Month Old Baby

This is the perfect age to introduce or advance games in your baby’s playtime that show her cause and effect. Her brain is developed enough to begin to understand this concept along with many others so make sure her playtime is helping her learn and master skills that she’ll need.
Toys that respond in anyway, like the ones that light up with touch, or start moving if you press a button, or traditional Jack-in-the-box kind of toys where she understands that every cause, every action has an effect, a response.

Most 8 month babies start to crawl, even if your baby hasn’t started yet, it is a great game to help her along. Give her some objects that are round so they can roll and let her play with them when she is crawling. The rolling item will roll away from her when she’ll try to catch it and that’ll further encourage her to crawl towards it.

Water becomes a real favorite of most babies around this age. Indulge her in water games. Increase the duration of her baths so she can have a satisfying splash. Bath toys especially sponge like that absorb and then spray water are great to get some giggles out of her.

With his love for big sounds increasing, let him play with plastic spoons, aluminum cans and other items found in the kitchen that make noise when clanked against each other or thrown against a wall. That will not only help her learn cause and effect, but is great for her newfound love for sounds too.

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