Sleep Training: Get Some ‘You’ Time

Taking care of a baby who is tough to handle at nights is a very challenging task that easily becomes frustrating and depressing if no help is available. Infants are famous for irregular sleep patterns and this is expected of babies that are 3 months or even sometimes older, like 6 months. So while you are training your little troubled sleeper to get some uninterrupted zzz’s at night, make sure that you are also getting some shut eye that you so desperately need and so richly deserve.

Parenthood is a time when you should not feel any guilt or shame asking for, or accepting, help. Moms all over the world, in all cultures rely on their immediate families to lend them all the support they need when raising a small child, and there is no reason why you should do it alone. Do not try to be the perfect parent; there’s no such thing like that.

By taking too much responsibility, you’re only making things worse for you and eventually for your baby. If you are not rested enough, you’re low on energy, and patience – two things that no mommy can do without. Ask your spouse, partner, mother in law, sister, a colleague, friend next door or even hire help if you can afford it. Just make sure you are getting enough time to eat regular meals, taking sufficient rest and having some quiet so that you’re energized enough to continue taking care of that new life you have so lovingly created and so religiously want to have the perfect of everything, including nighttime sleep, and healthy sleeping habits.

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