How to Prevent Infant Gas From Building Up in Your Baby’s Little Tummy

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What is infant gas? How to cure and prevent it? A gas is very common to infants. Their digestive system is not fully developed and that may become sensitive and could lead to infant gas. A gas in baby is caused by swallowed air when feeding. This can occur when using pacifier and when they cry a lot. It can also be caused by certain foods that breastfeed moms have eaten. Some foods are not good for babies and made them gassy.

There are some ways to prevent infant gas like avoiding certain foods that contributes to gas when breastfeeding. Try to avoid dairy, soy and peanut products from your diet. Avoid too much caffeine foods and drinks, broccoli, cabbage, beans, cauliflower and others. If bottle-fed, make sure to use especially designed bottle and nipple for infant. You can try other infant formula and see how your baby reacts.

Always make sure to burp your baby regularly after feeding to eliminate the gas from building up in his tummy. You can lay him down with his tummy and gently rub his back or lay him in your shoulder and gently tap his back to burp. Give him a warm shower that will relax his little tummy and could also let him sleep well.

Try to hold him next to you so that he could feel you. They feel safe closer to you. Gently massage his stomach and have a bicycle move exercise. You can try gripe water to threat gastrointestinal discomfort for babies. Many parents use gas drops to treat a gassy baby. It is better to consult a doctor first to know what will be the best gas drops for your baby.

There are so many brands for gas reliefs for babies. Drops like Mylicon, Tummy Calm, Semithicone are very common. They are proven to be effective and can cure infant gas. Make sure to do anything that could help your baby. If the baby is happy, I’m sure everybody is happy too.

Co-Sleeping Gadgets

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Will it be completely inaccurate if we said co-sleeping is a controversial subject among the parenting community? Well, maybe not completely. The truth is, this concept does raise some eyebrows and the risk of SIDS is the first thing that pops into mind when someone says co-sleeping. However, co-sleeping does not have to be a negative thing.

By implementing some precautions and using some modern-day gadgets, we can make this millennium-old practice acceptable for the modern parents.
Getting side rails installed on one side of the bed can be an effective co-sleeping precaution where it can prevent the baby from rolling off the bed and falling down. You can get it installed where you’ll be putting the baby and sleep without any fear of baby falling down.

There are companies that make bassinets, which directly attach to the parents’ bed, and are covered with side rails from all three sides. It is, of course, open to the side of parents’ bed so mommy can easily pick a crying baby in the middle of the night and feed him hassle-free.

If you are travelling and you practice co-sleeping, specially designed sleeping bags for parents and babies work great. These sleeping bags prevent covers falling off on babies’ face and hence reduce any risk of SIDS whatsoever.

These three are some of the most popular co-sleeping tools available in the market. We hope that investing in one of these solutions may help you shed down any fears you have letting your baby co-sleep with you.