A Great Gift For Low Income Families In The Holidays

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If you are looking to buy a great gift for someone you love this holidays look no more! We have found the best coupon book on the market. This great gift of the hugely popular Entertainment Book is back for 2009! which anyone can use it daily and save a lot of money.

This is a great gift for the holidays if you cant afford an expensive gift, The hugely popular Entertainment Book is a great present and it’s very affordable for low income families who will be happy to get.

Low income families who are looking to save on restaurants, local attractions, travel, groceries and more!this is what you are looking for.

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This is absolutely useful for your kids, for the whole family this Christmas. Find cheap cloths for your babies, affordable toys for your kids and great variety of restaurants to eat in good prices.

Free Printable Baby Coupons

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Free Online Coupons, Deals, Coupon Codes, Discounts, Promo Codes – Coupons.com. Download 100’s of free printable baby coupons and household products, now what I love about this is real products new moms really use, not just stuff you don’t need, that’s why you will save money here. This is absolutely free. All you have to do is choose whatever you like, download and get your discount or free coupons. Last coupons I liked using was the $3 Huggies discount coupon, a great discount for diapers, no doubt.

Save big with coupons.com as they are one of the biggest websites for free coupons because they only have trusted brands every mom really uses. This will save you money for your baby supply, for low income families this is a great deal too. Try out one of these free printable coupons and see the difference. It is true that America is now turning more and more to free coupons and helps maintain a healthy household shopping habits to prevent wasting money you can actually spend on what really matters, your baby and family.

My friend told me she was ashamed buying stuff with coupons, I really don’t understand why. Save money, why be ashamed? This is getting more and more popular for young moms, even my mom uses this, there is nothing better you can do to you family than be responsable and save. Teach your family good financial skills, plus it feels great too to save money with coupons.

Playtime – for a Newborn

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Good luck trying your newborn to get excited about playtime. Newborns are infamous for being the most boring companions at dinnertime, or playtime, for that matter. Therefore, no need lining up a whole list of activities to do with your newborn; at this stage, you are also in the middle of your recovery so here are two easy-breezy games to get your little one involved in that wont’ need any physical exertion.

Give him a massage:
A gentle and soothing massage is exactly what your little baby needs. At this time of developmental progress, your baby needs your loving touch and some expert pressure here and there to keep him healthy and fit. Get some baby oil or a plain vegetable oil like olive oil and rub it on your hands. Take your baby’s clothes off and if it’s chilly, adjust the temperature so your baby won’t feel cold. Place your baby on his back on a fluffy wool towel and start massaging. Keep your pressure gentle and stroke your fingers on his body in a circular motion. Start from his toes and work your way up. Lay your hands flat on his chest and move them outward to give a refreshing massage, reverse the motion for nighttime massage to soothe him to a better sleep.

Shake a rattle:
Rattles are great for babies of all ages. Even newborns who do not respond to much, do respond to loud noises so it’s a great toy for keeping your baby engaged during diaper change times. Invest in a few rattles so your baby can enjoy the variety!

Help With Diapers

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If money is tight, one of the hardest things to deal with is the cost of diapers. Here are a couple of tips that will help you deal with the financial burden:
First, if you’re having a baby shower, try to arrange a raffle. Tell all your guests that whoever shows up with a pack of diapers will be entered the raffle, and pick an affordable prize that’s cool enough, like a dinner at restaurant. The more people at your shower the more this deal is going to be "profitable" – you can get like 3 months’ supply of diapers for a price of one dinner if you have a lot of friends.

Another way to save money is of course buying in bulk – just make sure this plan doesn’t back fire. This popular tip is often overlooked by many parents who heard that "you don’t actually save by buying in bulk" mainly because a lot of people do it wrong. Make sure you only buy in bulk after you tried a couple of different diapers and found the brand (or generic brand) that works best for you and your baby, to avoid throwing away and actually spending more because of your bulk purchase.

Look for the national diaper bank in your area (you can usually find the information online) and sign up for services the like the ones recommended by 2bparents which usually send you free diapers and other baby products you will find useful and all go through manual review so you don’t have to worry about scams.