How to Prevent Infant Gas From Building Up in Your Baby’s Little Tummy

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What is infant gas? How to cure and prevent it? A gas is very common to infants. Their digestive system is not fully developed and that may become sensitive and could lead to infant gas. A gas in baby is caused by swallowed air when feeding. This can occur when using pacifier and when they cry a lot. It can also be caused by certain foods that breastfeed moms have eaten. Some foods are not good for babies and made them gassy.

There are some ways to prevent infant gas like avoiding certain foods that contributes to gas when breastfeeding. Try to avoid dairy, soy and peanut products from your diet. Avoid too much caffeine foods and drinks, broccoli, cabbage, beans, cauliflower and others. If bottle-fed, make sure to use especially designed bottle and nipple for infant. You can try other infant formula and see how your baby reacts.

Always make sure to burp your baby regularly after feeding to eliminate the gas from building up in his tummy. You can lay him down with his tummy and gently rub his back or lay him in your shoulder and gently tap his back to burp. Give him a warm shower that will relax his little tummy and could also let him sleep well.

Try to hold him next to you so that he could feel you. They feel safe closer to you. Gently massage his stomach and have a bicycle move exercise. You can try gripe water to threat gastrointestinal discomfort for babies. Many parents use gas drops to treat a gassy baby. It is better to consult a doctor first to know what will be the best gas drops for your baby.

There are so many brands for gas reliefs for babies. Drops like Mylicon, Tummy Calm, Semithicone are very common. They are proven to be effective and can cure infant gas. Make sure to do anything that could help your baby. If the baby is happy, I’m sure everybody is happy too.

Try This Effective and Safe Infant Gas Relief

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Crying is the only way our babies especially our newborns communicate with us when they feel something wrong. Since they can’t speak for themselves and do body language, unusual crying is what they do to get our attention. The first time I heard my baby cry out loud I got worried because usually she cries when she’s hungry. But I remember I just fed her an hour before, so it can’t be for that reason.I also noticed she kept on stretching and she’s getting gassy. I know for certain that she’s having tummy pain. I tapped her stomach gently and checked closely if her tummy is full of air. But it could be pretty hard to distinguish the sound especially for a small person like her. In this case, I should think of a better and safe infant gas relief.

My mom thought me that babies need to burp after feeding especially if the baby is bottle fed, and when they don’t burp properly it could cause flatulence and gas build up. One of the little remedies I always do is putting my baby on a face down position so it would help her release the air from her stomach while gently tapping her back. Also, I usually carry her on my shoulder and gently rub her arms in upward motion. I always make her burp after feeding to avoid flatulence.

infant gas relief


But sometimes, flatulence could be severe and needs medication. I heard that liniment is effective in adults, but I don’t want to take risk and use it on my baby. I know it has high menthol content which could be harsh for her young skin. I ruled out the liniment option but instead I tried, infant gas drops. The one I used is mylicon drops. You can buy it over the counter but it would still be best if you consult your baby’s doctor first. I applied drops and after an hour or so my baby went back to a sound sleep so I assumed that the medication for infant gas relief worked on her.

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Tips to Saving Money on Clothes, Diapers and Baby Supply

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Get free coupons immediately, no gimmicks. Act now!

It’s so easy to save money today, it’s the temptations and low income that make it hard for us to save. Saving money could mean having food on the dinner table by the end of the day. This is not a luxury we are talking about here. Saving money could help families who struggle manage through the month and keep going, buying food and supply.

This is what you get instantly: Free samples, coupons for groceries and mainly everything you buy for your family’s basic needs in the supermarket. It changes from time to time and anybody can find the products they love for free using the coupons.

Best Tip to Save Money with Coupons

We use free coupons all the time, we cut news papers coupons, use coupon codes and sometimes even get a free sample of the new shampoo brand we love. Use an excel spread sheet to help you count your savings. This will surprise you by the end of the month and will keep you motivated to keep couponing. The amounts add up to great savings and it’s a nice feeling.

Avoid Bad Coupons

Free coupons doesn’t always meen free money. Sometimes you have to purchase a different product in order to get your free coupons or discount. Big brands are trying to get your attention by any means and this gives you, the customer, the power. Choose carefully what you take for free because sometimes there’s a catch behind.

Fun and Safe Outdoor Games for Kids

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Nowadays, kids are mostly seen playing with their handheld gadgets. It is almost rare to see children playing outside. Children should know that their bodies will benefit more if they go out to play once in a while. It is not saying that computer games are completely harmful. Too much of it can be harmful for the body. Parents cannot compare what they had during their childhood with how kids live today. But what parents can do is to introduce their kids with fun and safe outdoor games that they will enjoy.
One outdoor game the whole family can enjoy is the Jungle Safari Game. Make "binoculars" with two empty toilet paper rolls. Let your child decorate the binoculars.

Prepare a camera and a small notebook. Hide small animal figures all over the garden. If you want it to be more realistic, you can always ask your child to look for bugs if that is okay with him. Have him search for the animals and the bugs, and let him take a picture. He should be able to identify the ones he discovered. If he cannot, that’s where you come in to teach him which is which.

Other games that you can play with your kid outside the house are hopscotch, paper airplane races, and lawn bowling. In lawn bowling, all you need are rubber balls and a piece of medium sized rock. The objective of the game is to see who is the one who gets their rubber ball nearest to the rock. These games are easy, simple, and most of all, enjoyable.