Target Free Gift Card For Low Income Families

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I’ve found this great Target great offer for low income families to win a $500 free gift cards that suits for the whole family, not only for babies.
All you need to do if fill in your e-mail address, participate in surveys and you can win a Free $500 Target gift card.

If you need gifts for your kids this could be it with Target ‘s santa’s toy shop, baby’s sleepwear and bedding, baby clothing, toddler clothing, baby gear and much more and it is all free. Make this Christmas special, don’t miss this chance to get the free card.

This great gift card could really make low income families use it for their kids and babies when everything is so expensive these days. Target’s free gift cards could get you to buy new furniture for the baby’s room, buy new cloths for your kids and even for new moms to spoil their selves a little.

Target has a holiday sale you could use with this card and it’s great to shop with the whole family because there is everything for everyone. Parents could easily find clothing for their selves or buy something new for a little bit of a holiday spirit.

Receive Mortgage or Rent Relief for Low Income

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Receive Mortgage or Rent Relief. Get $1,500 in Cash for your Mortgage or Rent, free with completion of program requirements.
If you are struggling to pay rent or your mortgage bills, this company gives out a $1,500 cash reward for low income families. Follow their instructions to get a chance to pay your mortgage for one month or more and help your family a little bit to get on your feet.

This offer is brand new and I get a lot of requests to help with bills, especially rent as prices are pretty high and could be a month worth of salary for many people even more. Take advantage of this opportunity now and maybe you can get to win this month.

Free Baby Coupons and Samples

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I love adding new free coupons to my site. I love giving you guys new ways to save money. With this offer you can get absolutely free local printable coupons for your favorite grocery products every time you want to save. Find great coupons for real products you really use daily and like American families know what’s best for them, as the coupons trend is getting more and more used and you can take an advantage of, why not use free coupons yourself and save money now?

Playtime – for a Newborn

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Good luck trying your newborn to get excited about playtime. Newborns are infamous for being the most boring companions at dinnertime, or playtime, for that matter. Therefore, no need lining up a whole list of activities to do with your newborn; at this stage, you are also in the middle of your recovery so here are two easy-breezy games to get your little one involved in that wont’ need any physical exertion.

Give him a massage:
A gentle and soothing massage is exactly what your little baby needs. At this time of developmental progress, your baby needs your loving touch and some expert pressure here and there to keep him healthy and fit. Get some baby oil or a plain vegetable oil like olive oil and rub it on your hands. Take your baby’s clothes off and if it’s chilly, adjust the temperature so your baby won’t feel cold. Place your baby on his back on a fluffy wool towel and start massaging. Keep your pressure gentle and stroke your fingers on his body in a circular motion. Start from his toes and work your way up. Lay your hands flat on his chest and move them outward to give a refreshing massage, reverse the motion for nighttime massage to soothe him to a better sleep.

Shake a rattle:
Rattles are great for babies of all ages. Even newborns who do not respond to much, do respond to loud noises so it’s a great toy for keeping your baby engaged during diaper change times. Invest in a few rattles so your baby can enjoy the variety!

Playtime – 3 Month Old – Week 3

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Did we tell you that babies in their third month of life are completely capable of making those amazing sounds of ooohs, and aahs, and coos which make their initial forms of conversation? Babies this age are also learning to smile, show their surprise and squeal with delight too. The games this week are proposed to make your baby giggle (in whichever baby-way they can) and get surprised to their fullest.

Pop up!
This is a simple, classic and really easy game to play with your little one, and the one that you can keep playing the whole day as long as she enjoys it. It involves the simple task of you reappearing from nowhere and surprising your baby to get some giggle and squeaks out of her. Of course, there won’t be any ‘nowhere’ out of which you’d be reappearing so while she is on changing table, or simply lying on her play mat, hide behind a door, and pop out with an exaggerated squeal or a similarly animated sound. Your baby will love how you came into sight out of nowhere and surprised her. This is your baby learning cause and effect.

This is a variation of the above explained game and doesn’t require you hiding away and popping out. It is a simple matter of surprising your baby by suddenly saying WHAT where you first make a round face on her, and end the WHAT with a laugh. Just catch your baby when she has her attention focused on something else and surprise her with a sudden WHAT. Don’t make it too loud or noisy or else you’re just going to scare her.

Checklist for the Newborn Baby

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Having a checklist or things to consider for the newborn baby is so important for parents, most especially to new parents. A checklist will serve as a guide to keep track of the things their baby needs. There are so many things to consider for the newborn baby. The first things to consider for the newborn are the primary things which are:
Baby furniture
Free baby stuff
These are the things that a couple or expecting parents must prepare a few weeks before the coming of the newborn baby.

There are also things to do after the baby is born that the new parents won’t surely forget and these are:
Maintaining the cleanliness of the home’s environment.
Providing the baby with great love and admiration.

These things are all important for your newborn baby. Proper consultation of your little one’s paediatrician is needed in order to monitor your baby’s health. While your baby is growing there are changes that are new to you most especially if you are new parents. So, if you have time be sure to make time to read parenting books or talk to your pediatrician about your concerns. You can ask these question when it is the schedule of vaccination for your baby to save time and money. You should keep your home environment clean and safe for your baby especially when your baby can already crawl and walk. And of course, nothing beats the love of both parents for their child so make the most out of it.