Get Free Printed Canvas Bag

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Everybody loves to shop Boden. I love their baby clothing line, but it can be sometimes too expensive. I realize the costs you have to spend for your precious little one, and I found this great offer to get you a free beautiful printed canvas bag here (super cool for the beach, playing with the kids and babies) plus you get 10% off your first purchase which is so nice.

I love their super cute baby swimwear collection. I love the cute little pink baby hat and the cute dresses for the baby. To save even more money, go to the baby clearance section and you will get up to 60% off discount. So don’t forget to click on the free canvas bag banner to get your discount.

Baby Diaper Stories

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Fresh parents who are experiencing changing diaper duties have many stories to share with us. From baby songs to diapers sizes and smiling babies. If you are a new parent who wants to get some good tips about changing your baby’s diaper here are a few.

As a mother or a father, you must know what makes your baby laugh and smile. My favorite way of making my baby have a good time and not fighting back or playing to hard with his legs making it possible (in a very cute way) to change the diaper properly, is singing to him and go spider on his legs. It makes it so much fun to spend this time to bond with your baby.

If you have tried everything and your baby will not cooperate with you, you must think of something new and interesting for him to try. It doesn’t have to be a new toy, just think of something surprising to make the whole diaper changing proses as fun as can be.

Eco Friendly Ways to Save Money

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It’s so easy to save money at home using these tips. Saving money starts with grocery shopping. Try replacing processed food with fresh food which is a great way to save money and eat healthy too. Get the recipes online, make something the whole family will love and the savings here could be great.

One of the most eco friendly ways to save money on your baby is using breast milk instead of using formula and using cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. You need around 10 cloth diapers for a year instead of 1 package of regular diapers a week. You will feel the difference in your wallet.

When you clean your house, try to recycle old newspapers you already buy for your coupons and clean the windows with them, try using your laundry drier less when you can and air dry your clean clothes and cloth diapers for bigger savings.You are saving the earth while trying to save money and I think it gives you a great feeling by the end of the day.

Activities for an 8 Month Old Baby

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This is the perfect age to introduce or advance games in your baby’s playtime that show her cause and effect. Her brain is developed enough to begin to understand this concept along with many others so make sure her playtime is helping her learn and master skills that she’ll need.
Toys that respond in anyway, like the ones that light up with touch, or start moving if you press a button, or traditional Jack-in-the-box kind of toys where she understands that every cause, every action has an effect, a response.

Most 8 month babies start to crawl, even if your baby hasn’t started yet, it is a great game to help her along. Give her some objects that are round so they can roll and let her play with them when she is crawling. The rolling item will roll away from her when she’ll try to catch it and that’ll further encourage her to crawl towards it.

Water becomes a real favorite of most babies around this age. Indulge her in water games. Increase the duration of her baths so she can have a satisfying splash. Bath toys especially sponge like that absorb and then spray water are great to get some giggles out of her.

With his love for big sounds increasing, let him play with plastic spoons, aluminum cans and other items found in the kitchen that make noise when clanked against each other or thrown against a wall. That will not only help her learn cause and effect, but is great for her newfound love for sounds too.

Breastfeeding: Bottle versus Baby

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So your maternity leave is about to end and you have to join work soon, but your baby is not taking your expressed milk from the bottle and formula is not what you have in mind. What to do?
There are a few tips that have helped mothers in similar situations so they might work for you, and you may have tried these already. Just go through the list and if you see something you haven’t tried before, give it a go:
Use a bottle which has a twisty design so the milk flow is slower. A straight bottle may have a quicker flow of milk. Also, use a latex nipple instead of a silicone one. Browse the stores and talk to other moms in the similar situation and find out which bottles and nipples brought the success.

Try not giving the bottle yourself. Have her daddy or a babysitter give the bottle to her. This way, she’ll not associate bottle with you. Also, do not immediately offer her breast after she’s been refusing bottle for some time. Let her know that a rejected bottle will not be replaced with an instant breast.
Try holding her in different position while you bottle feed her. She’ll know it’s different. Put her in her car seat or vibrating chair so she won’t be in a mindset to expect breast milk.

An important thing to keep in mind is that whenever you hit a roadblock call your lactation consultant to help you along the way. They’ll be in a better position to offer you more customized advice because they’ve seen you nursing your baby.

Also, do not make this a battle between your baby and the bottle. She’ll eventually take the bottle; she’s just waiting for a solution that she’d like.