Free Ikea Gifts for Low Income Family

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Another great gift low income parents would be happy to get from Ikea to buy their baby’s needs like furniture, baby sheets, baby toys and cute plates and creative games for a great start, which we all know cost a lot of money new parents can’t really afford. This is a great opportunity to get a $500 Ikea gift card.

for new parents to spend on the very basic needs to create a comfortable room for the mother and the baby together where they spend most of their day in it.

I know how much baby supply could cost and this is truly helpful to get started with the big expenses as the baby requires many baby products to just be save enough inside the house.
The parents could use this for more than just for the baby’s need but their own too. Ikea provides wonderful house products from towels to kitchen tools and it is really easy to find what you are looking for as the prices there are not too high. I hope you can use this gift card for you and your baby and make the best out of it. This could be a blessing help.

Sleep Training: Get Some ‘You’ Time

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Taking care of a baby who is tough to handle at nights is a very challenging task that easily becomes frustrating and depressing if no help is available. Infants are famous for irregular sleep patterns and this is expected of babies that are 3 months or even sometimes older, like 6 months. So while you are training your little troubled sleeper to get some uninterrupted zzz’s at night, make sure that you are also getting some shut eye that you so desperately need and so richly deserve.

Parenthood is a time when you should not feel any guilt or shame asking for, or accepting, help. Moms all over the world, in all cultures rely on their immediate families to lend them all the support they need when raising a small child, and there is no reason why you should do it alone. Do not try to be the perfect parent; there’s no such thing like that.

By taking too much responsibility, you’re only making things worse for you and eventually for your baby. If you are not rested enough, you’re low on energy, and patience – two things that no mommy can do without. Ask your spouse, partner, mother in law, sister, a colleague, friend next door or even hire help if you can afford it. Just make sure you are getting enough time to eat regular meals, taking sufficient rest and having some quiet so that you’re energized enough to continue taking care of that new life you have so lovingly created and so religiously want to have the perfect of everything, including nighttime sleep, and healthy sleeping habits.

Shopping for Maternity Clothes-looking good, being comfortable without breaking the bank!

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Just can’t get that zipper all the way up anymore? Don’t worry, this is normal! That baby bump is finally making it known and making it a bit difficult to find stuff in your closet that still fits comfortably!

Going shopping for a maternity wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to drain the bank account. If you’re not lucky enough to have friends and family who can lend you maternity clothes, then there is a way to look good, be comfortable and in style.  Remember, with most items, you’re only going to wear them a few months before the baby’s born and just a short period of time after you give birth.  The trick is to buy some basics that can be mixed and matched for different looks. If you need something nice for special occasions, then invest in a nice pair of slacks, blouse, skirt or multi-piece dress.

A little smart shopping can go a long way when it comes to maternity clothes. Remember, with basic colors and designs, you can change things up with accessories! Stick to solid colors for your pants and skirts and then add printed tops that will coordinate with each of your bottom pieces. When you shop, don’t go too much larger than your normal size. Most maternity clothing size parallels with non-maternity sizes. In other words, if you’re a large in your regular clothes, unless you’re carrying twins or gain a great deal of weight, you’ll most likely be a large in maternity clothing as well.  The point is to find something that feels comfortable and that you feel good about wearing.

Fun and Safe Outdoor Games for Kids

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Nowadays, kids are mostly seen playing with their handheld gadgets. It is almost rare to see children playing outside. Children should know that their bodies will benefit more if they go out to play once in a while. It is not saying that computer games are completely harmful. Too much of it can be harmful for the body. Parents cannot compare what they had during their childhood with how kids live today. But what parents can do is to introduce their kids with fun and safe outdoor games that they will enjoy.
One outdoor game the whole family can enjoy is the Jungle Safari Game. Make "binoculars" with two empty toilet paper rolls. Let your child decorate the binoculars.

Prepare a camera and a small notebook. Hide small animal figures all over the garden. If you want it to be more realistic, you can always ask your child to look for bugs if that is okay with him. Have him search for the animals and the bugs, and let him take a picture. He should be able to identify the ones he discovered. If he cannot, that’s where you come in to teach him which is which.

Other games that you can play with your kid outside the house are hopscotch, paper airplane races, and lawn bowling. In lawn bowling, all you need are rubber balls and a piece of medium sized rock. The objective of the game is to see who is the one who gets their rubber ball nearest to the rock. These games are easy, simple, and most of all, enjoyable.

4 Ways to Play With Your 9 Month Old Baby

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Playing with your 9 month old baby is beginning to become harder and rougher than you think it should be. That is because they are not more interactive as they do in the last 8 months. They can crawl faster and roll more than they have compared to the last months.
I have gathered several fun things that you can do with your 9 month old baby:

Stocking up blocks of Lego is one of the smartest things that you can give to your baby. It will help increase their creativity and tactics as to how tall the blocks they can build.

This traditional game always works for every kid of their age. It enhances their mental alertness and reasoning. This is because they will search immediately for your face when you covered it and try to look for it to other places in your room.

Hide and seek.
When your 9 month old baby is starting to crawl faster, there is a large chance to go after you when you are hiding. You are developing a bonding and fun experience for you and your baby when you do this.

When you are cooking while watching your baby, you can let him join you by allowing him to play with some dry foods that you have and a couple of plastic bowl and measuring cups. Your baby will also develop his or her sense of touch to identify different types of texture when holding those things.