Breast Feeding Tips to Make Your Life Easier

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Breastfeeding may look easy in the eye, but it’s not always in real life, especially for new moms. After giving birth, breast milk doesn’t come out immediately. The production of breast milk doesn’t happen right away. Sometimes it takes two to three days before the breast milk develops, sometimes a week, and sometimes for lucky moms, breast milk production comes in right after giving birth. If breast milk production is a problem, you might want to read on some breast feeding tips.

In order to breastfeed your baby, you must need to have adequate supply of breast milk. How would you able to start producing milk? In my case, after giving birth and meeting my baby, I let her latch on my breast. According to my doctor, this is the natural way to stimulate milk production. This always works when done properly. Some moms will produce milk on the first try while some moms would take several tries before succeeding.

Some problems that the baby and moms would encounter are introverted nipple and small nipple for the baby to latch. The baby will have a hard time latching under these conditions. If you experience this, don’t give up easily because continuous latching can also treat this condition as the baby will get used to it and eventually nipples will develop as well.

Seeking the help of a lactation consultant can also help you produce enormous amount of breast milk to give your baby. Massage therapy also works wonder on your breast milk supply. Taking Natalac can also boost your breast milk supply. In other countries, they find drinking boiled moringa leaves, or eating foods with moringa leaves very effective in producing good quality breast milk.

It is always best to choose breastfeeding vs formula milk feeding. The benefits of breast milk to a baby are exceptional and beyond compare. It does not only promote good health for your baby but a good relationship between the baby and the mother can also be developed. For more breast feeding tips, you can visit parenting websites like,, and other related sites.

How Long Should You Breastfeed Your Baby?

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Are you a breastfeeding mom? Breastfeeding a baby needs your effort and precious time. We all know that breast milk is the best milk for our baby, so we really have to take this challenging job for mothers seriously. Should you ask yourself how long should I breastfeed my baby?

They said that breast milk is best for babies up to two or three years of age. It depends on you on how long to breastfeed your baby—the longer, the better. The best baby gift that you can give to your baby is giving the best milk ever. Remember that if you breastfeed your baby for a longer time, he will get more benefits from it. If you breastfeed your baby for the first few days, he will receive the colostrum that provides antibodies for babies.

It is his first immunization that helps baby recover from birth and helps his digestive system to work fine. If you breastfeed your baby for four weeks to six weeks, you will get through the most critical part of infancy. The fact is babies who are formula fed are likely to get sick more often and have more digestive system problems than breastfed babies. If you breastfeed your baby for three to four months, you’ll be helping your baby to have more matured digestive system and will have protection against ear infection for the whole year.

Breastfeeding your baby for six months will reduce the risks of childhood cancer. It can lower the risk of breast cancer for mothers and provides 98% contraceptives. Breastfed babies for nine months and baby will have fastest brain and body development and will ensure better performance all through his school years.

Why keep wondering how long should you breastfeed your baby? There are so many benefits that he can get from breastfeeding. I’m glad I did!

What Causes Diaper Rash and How to Get Rid of it

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A diaper is a must when having a baby. Without it, our life will be messy and inconvenient. Can you imagine a baby without any diaper? Well, life will be messy and nobody will want that. That’s why diapers are produced to save us from the mess of baby’s poop and pee. Using diapers have advantages and disadvantages too. One disadvantage while using it is having diaper rash for babies. These red blotches give burning sensation, very painful and give discomfort on our babies.

Do you have any idea what causes diaper rash for babies? It can be dirty and soiled diapers. If diaper is not changed frequently, diaper rash is developed in baby’s diaper area. Having allergies to any substance can cause a diaper rash. It can be from diaper itself, baby wipes, baby soap, baby cream or any harsh chemical used in washing cloth diapers and any baby’s stuff. Sometimes, a diaper rash may develop in breast-fed babies when mom eats some foods that cause allergies. Some babies aged 4 months and up are introduced to some solid foods. They can eat some foods that may cause them skin allergy.

There are so many ways how to treat diaper rash for babies. Change diaper frequently. Dirty and wet diapers shouldn’t stay in baby’s skin to avoid diaper rash. If baby is allergic to any diaper, wipes, soap and cream, you should change the brand. Choose hypo allergenic or organic baby products. If you are breastfeeding mom, avoid eating foods as well as babies should avoid foods that cause allergies. Make sure to use mild soap detergent when washing cloth diapers or other stuff. Always make sure that baby’s diaper area is clean and dry. Apply diaper cream or petroleum jelly to the affected areas before changing again the diaper. If rashes keeps appearing, ask you pedia or baby dermatologist to find out what causes diaper rash on your baby.

Exciting Pregnancy and Fetal Development Week by Week

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You were so happy when you found out that you’re pregnant. Both you and your husband are excited of the baby. It’s been months that you tried to get pregnant and finally, here you are! Dreams really come true! Congratulations!

The moment you found out you’re pregnant, you went and see your Ob-gynecologist. You are willing to do anything to have a safe pregnancy and perfect son or daughter. You don’t miss any doctor’s appointment. Every day, every week is such amazing stage and you simply want to see and feel it with all your heart.

Your baby’s fetal development week by week may look different and exciting. There’s something magical happening in weeks1 to 3. This is where the ovulation process occurs and there’s no baby yet. An embryo forms in weeks 4 to 8. You can see transformation of embryo to fetus in weeks 9 to 12. Your baby’s brain and eyes are developed in weeks 13 to 17. You will feel the baby’s movement in weeks 18 to 21. Wow! It is amazing! Your baby is developing senses in weeks 22 to 25. In weeks 26 to 30, your baby is awake and sleeps in specific time of the day. Your baby may weigh 3 to 4 pounds and like the size of a melon in weeks 31 to 34. Your baby’s bones are fully developed and the baby is in upside down position. In weeks 35 to birth, the baby may be ready anytime to meet you.

fetal development week by week

Your doctor may advise for your pregnancy due date. It is normally calculated from the first day of last normal menstruation period. Most pregnancy is between 266 to 280 days. You will be carrying your baby in 40 weeks or nine months. I’m sure that the fetal development week by week will make your more excited to see your baby’s face. I hope that you have a safe pregnancy. Good luck and enjoy your baby!

How Gas Drops Could Help your Crying Baby

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What are gas drops for? This is actually an over the counter liquid medication to relieve discomfort on your baby brought by gassiness and abdominal pain. Since it is an over the counter medicine, that means it is proven and tested by most mothers to be safe for our babies. If some home remedies for gassiness don’t work, try gas drops. Make sure to consult an expert first so he could give you the best advice on which brand is best for your baby. Simethicone, Tummy Calm, gripe water and probiotic are some samples of baby gas drops.
A gassy baby may feel pain and may cry a lot. They usually get gas during feeding and if they cry too much. Sometimes we don’t know what to do and we get to panic. There are some ways and tips to prevent gas in our babies aside from using a medication. These are making sure that you feed your baby in the right position, in which the head must be higher than his stomach. Another is by using slower-flow-nipple if you’re bottle feeding. In that way, he can have less gas when feeding. Also, make sure to burp your baby every after feeding. There are so many ways and position how to do it like laying him in a flat surface. You can try to give him a tummy massage. It will loosen the gas and will relax your baby’s tummy. If some simple remedies don’t work, that’s the time you can buy gas relief for babies mentioned above.
They said that all babies have gas. It just so happen that sometimes they can have too much gas. An infant gas may be terrifying because they may cry a lot. Some symptoms are bloating, burping and cramps. Some studies explained that gas for baby is not something to worry about but we have to be careful because sometimes it might be a sign of gastrointestinal problem. Always check your baby’s poop. If a baby has a fever and there’s blood on his stool, bring him to the doctor immediately. It may be serious than what we think.

How to Produce More Breast Milk To Keep Your Baby Healthy

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Breast milk is good for babies from the very first day until two and a half years. It is very nutritious and makes babies stay healthy. It cannot be replaced by any milk supplements that are available in the market today. If you notice, most breastfed babies are very far from getting sick. Breastfeeding is something that every mother should be proud doing. It doesn’t just help babies get stronger but also makes the bond between moms and their babies stronger. How to produce more breast milk is something every mom should know.

Sometimes it is not easy to produce breast milk especially when you are a first time mom. But there are ways to help you solve this problem, like having to keep breastfeeding the baby as long as he or she is hungry. You can breastfeed more often so that the breast milk will flow naturally. For the first few days, breasts may hurt but but day by day, you will get used to it. Massaging your breasts will help in the stimulating the production of breast milk.

Drink lots of fluid like milk, natural juice or water. Don’t forget to include soup in your meal. Vegetables soup like the moringa soup is advisable. It will help you produce more milk. There is some research that having soup with seashells will help mother how to increase milk production. It is very important for every mother to relax while breastfeeding. Stay away from stress because babies may get that from you too. Some mothers will complain of not having enough milk for their babies.

One thing I learned in breastfeeding is to never give up, just breastfeed your baby every two hours a day. Never ever give up asking and searching for any tips on how to produce more breast milk. Eventually you will see that breast milk production will increase and will satisfy your baby. As we observe, children who had been breastfed when they are babies grow healthier, smarter and closer to their mother.

The Best Breast Pump According to Reviews

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The best breast pump is every nursing mom’s friend. If you aren’t pumping milk from your breast then you have no idea how hard manually pumping your breast milk is. Pumping with your hands or with a manual breast pump is both exhausting. During the first few pumps, you can still say it’s okay but after several days of doing it your hands will start to feel painful as if you are having arthritis or gout or whatever joint pains you call it.

During the first few weeks of giving birth, that is the time you are establishing your breast milk supply and every once in a while you are experiencing breast tenderness and sudden breast milk leak. Whenever this happens you need to feed you baby because the breast milk might just leak and instead of your baby getting its nutrition, the milk might just go to waste. If your baby is full and doesn’t want to drink milk, it would be better to collect the leaking milk for the baby to use later on.

You would be able to collect enormous amount of breast milk if you are going to use a breast pump. So what are the best breast pumps available in the market? Have you tried reading some breast pump reviews online?

Whether the best breast pump is an electric or not, as long as it can give you the comfort your body and hands need while collecting milk you can consider it already a good product. But if you are aiming to collect more milk in a shorter period of time then I would suggest you go for an electric breast pump. You just have to place it on your breast and it will automatically collect the milk from you. You can just sit back and watch T.V while doing it. Just make sure that you read out reviews first to know what brands are effective and durable so you could still use it on your next baby.

Constipation in Newborns: A Mom Panic Moment

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We know how hard it is when we’re constipated, how much for infants? It’s so difficult when constipation in newborns is present. We try hard to understand what causes them to constipate when all we give them is just pure liquid. So why do they constipate? What are the causes? I have come to understand that formula milk has something to do with constipation in infants. This is because formula milk is harder to digest compared to breast milk. Also the stool of a breastfed baby is different from a baby fed with formula milk. The stool is thicker and different in color.

Constipation is more likely to happen on infants who are receiving formula milk. But of course, breastfeeding moms should still be careful because our babies can still get constipated. How? If our babies get dehydrated they can get constipated. As a breastfeeding mom, we also have to monitor the amount of milk we are giving them. If they are lacking milk from us they could get dehydrated. Upon learning this, I realized how important breast milk is for babies. How nutritious and helpful it can be for the health and development of our young ones.

So if your child is constipated and you think the condition is just mild for a home remedy, there are several ways to do so like a tummy massage or water therapy. Don’t give foods even if it’s rich in fiber. Remember, you are dealing with a newborn who’s not ready yet for solid foods, you might just worsen the condition. Ask your child’s doctor about it and I’m sure she’ll provide you with a prescription. Constipation in newborns could really be bothersome and could make us panic, but always remember to give your babies lots of liquid to prevent this from happening.


Free Ikea Gifts for Low Income Family

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Another great gift low income parents would be happy to get from Ikea to buy their baby’s needs like furniture, baby sheets, baby toys and cute plates and creative games for a great start, which we all know cost a lot of money new parents can’t really afford. This is a great opportunity to get a $500 Ikea gift card.

for new parents to spend on the very basic needs to create a comfortable room for the mother and the baby together where they spend most of their day in it.

I know how much baby supply could cost and this is truly helpful to get started with the big expenses as the baby requires many baby products to just be save enough inside the house.
The parents could use this for more than just for the baby’s need but their own too. Ikea provides wonderful house products from towels to kitchen tools and it is really easy to find what you are looking for as the prices there are not too high. I hope you can use this gift card for you and your baby and make the best out of it. This could be a blessing help.

Get Free Baby Clothes, Coupons and Discounts

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