What Causes Diaper Rash and How to Get Rid of it

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A diaper is a must when having a baby. Without it, our life will be messy and inconvenient. Can you imagine a baby without any diaper? Well, life will be messy and nobody will want that. That’s why diapers are produced to save us from the mess of baby’s poop and pee. Using diapers have advantages and disadvantages too. One disadvantage while using it is having diaper rash for babies. These red blotches give burning sensation, very painful and give discomfort on our babies.

Do you have any idea what causes diaper rash for babies? It can be dirty and soiled diapers. If diaper is not changed frequently, diaper rash is developed in baby’s diaper area. Having allergies to any substance can cause a diaper rash. It can be from diaper itself, baby wipes, baby soap, baby cream or any harsh chemical used in washing cloth diapers and any baby’s stuff. Sometimes, a diaper rash may develop in breast-fed babies when mom eats some foods that cause allergies. Some babies aged 4 months and up are introduced to some solid foods. They can eat some foods that may cause them skin allergy.

There are so many ways how to treat diaper rash for babies. Change diaper frequently. Dirty and wet diapers shouldn’t stay in baby’s skin to avoid diaper rash. If baby is allergic to any diaper, wipes, soap and cream, you should change the brand. Choose hypo allergenic or organic baby products. If you are breastfeeding mom, avoid eating foods as well as babies should avoid foods that cause allergies. Make sure to use mild soap detergent when washing cloth diapers or other stuff. Always make sure that baby’s diaper area is clean and dry. Apply diaper cream or petroleum jelly to the affected areas before changing again the diaper. If rashes keeps appearing, ask you pedia or baby dermatologist to find out what causes diaper rash on your baby.

Exciting Pregnancy and Fetal Development Week by Week

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You were so happy when you found out that you’re pregnant. Both you and your husband are excited of the baby. It’s been months that you tried to get pregnant and finally, here you are! Dreams really come true! Congratulations!

The moment you found out you’re pregnant, you went and see your Ob-gynecologist. You are willing to do anything to have a safe pregnancy and perfect son or daughter. You don’t miss any doctor’s appointment. Every day, every week is such amazing stage and you simply want to see and feel it with all your heart.

Your baby’s fetal development week by week may look different and exciting. There’s something magical happening in weeks1 to 3. This is where the ovulation process occurs and there’s no baby yet. An embryo forms in weeks 4 to 8. You can see transformation of embryo to fetus in weeks 9 to 12. Your baby’s brain and eyes are developed in weeks 13 to 17. You will feel the baby’s movement in weeks 18 to 21. Wow! It is amazing! Your baby is developing senses in weeks 22 to 25. In weeks 26 to 30, your baby is awake and sleeps in specific time of the day. Your baby may weigh 3 to 4 pounds and like the size of a melon in weeks 31 to 34. Your baby’s bones are fully developed and the baby is in upside down position. In weeks 35 to birth, the baby may be ready anytime to meet you.

fetal development week by week

Your doctor may advise for your pregnancy due date. It is normally calculated from the first day of last normal menstruation period. Most pregnancy is between 266 to 280 days. You will be carrying your baby in 40 weeks or nine months. I’m sure that the fetal development week by week will make your more excited to see your baby’s face. I hope that you have a safe pregnancy. Good luck and enjoy your baby!

Cleaning Your Baby’s Crib Sheet Properly to Avoid Skin Allergies

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Sometimes our babies get allergies because of the clothes their wear. Rashes spread on their skin, and it takes time to treat the condition. Aside from their clothes, anything that touches their skin could also cause allergic reactions, the crib sheet and blankets are the common things that have direct contact on our baby’s skin. To avoid allergies from forming on our baby’s skin, we have to clean and disinfect all the stuff that our baby is always exposed at. It would be better to separate your baby’s stuff from your stuff when you clean them.

Also, separating baby clothes from other baby stuff would be better. It would be ideal if you wash the clothes first, wash the crib sheets afterwards. Use a mild detergent when you do this, because the detergent we use on our clothes are far stronger in terms of chemical content and may be harsh for our baby’s sensitive skin. Though we know that chemical detergent could fight bacteria and viruses better, we still have to understand that these chemicals could cause allergic reactions sometimes.

If you could go for organic detergents that could scrub off dirt and germs easily then that would be a very pleasant deal. We don’t just rely on the soap alone, we also need to make sure that the crib sheet and baby clothes are thoroughly rinsed and no soap residue. Organic detergents make the fabric stay softer compared to chemical based laundry soap. Softer fabric is more ideal for our baby. It will make them feel more comfortable while sleeping. Dry them immediately and as much as possible after using a spin dryer, expose your baby’s garments on sunlight. The heat of the sun can dry the garment perfectly and it also removes odor from the garment. Sun light is also an effective anti-bacteria solution.


Win a Bugaboo Baby Stroller

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New moms get a chance to win a Bugaboo Bee Baby Stroller – an awesome $649 Value! The Bugaboo Bee Baby stroller is a well designed, cool, trendy looking foldable baby stroller sturdy enough to hold up to 37.5 pounds, so it will grow with your child from birth to toddler. This honey of a stroller is perfect for busy bee parents! I love the fact that this stroller is never out of style. Win a Free Bugaboo Stroller Now!

You can reuse it for your next baby and save tons of money that way, and if you want it to look new for a newborn baby you can replace the covers easily by buying new ones with a different color, if it’s a girl or a boy, the stroller will be perfect for your baby. Every mom wants this stroller (I know I want it) and I’m so happy to have found this great offer for new parents. hope you will love it.

Free Baby Coupons for Low Income Families

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This is no secret that what our moms used to do to save money at the super market is a hot trend today. Cutting coupons out of news papers, saving a dollar here and there. One thing I didn’t know was my mom could save each month around $120, working for it and helping the family save money.

Free baby couopons for low income families are very popular. We don’t need to cut paper anymore but we can print them easily from our computer from many valuable free baby coupons websites. Print coupons at our own free time, buying groceries and baby diapers could save us a lot and it shows by the end of the month.

With the money you save, it motivates you to keep buying smart and be helping our families live on a budget. It is very easy to save that way and even get free samples and try new products.

Shopping for Maternity Clothes-looking good, being comfortable without breaking the bank!

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Just can’t get that zipper all the way up anymore? Don’t worry, this is normal! That baby bump is finally making it known and making it a bit difficult to find stuff in your closet that still fits comfortably!

Going shopping for a maternity wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to drain the bank account. If you’re not lucky enough to have friends and family who can lend you maternity clothes, then there is a way to look good, be comfortable and in style.  Remember, with most items, you’re only going to wear them a few months before the baby’s born and just a short period of time after you give birth.  The trick is to buy some basics that can be mixed and matched for different looks. If you need something nice for special occasions, then invest in a nice pair of slacks, blouse, skirt or multi-piece dress.

A little smart shopping can go a long way when it comes to maternity clothes. Remember, with basic colors and designs, you can change things up with accessories! Stick to solid colors for your pants and skirts and then add printed tops that will coordinate with each of your bottom pieces. When you shop, don’t go too much larger than your normal size. Most maternity clothing size parallels with non-maternity sizes. In other words, if you’re a large in your regular clothes, unless you’re carrying twins or gain a great deal of weight, you’ll most likely be a large in maternity clothing as well.  The point is to find something that feels comfortable and that you feel good about wearing.

Baby Furnishing

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As much as we love babies, it is a well-known fact that having one usually causes a huge dent in your bank balance. Keeping aside what you will need to spend on doctors and hospital charges, everything from car seats to formula and diapers will cost a lot. That is why smart parents need to plan not just pregnancies, but also plan out their expenses.

Do you have your baby’s nursery all planned out, but are cowed by the amount of money those perfect furnishings will cost?  There are a few ways you can translate your dreams to reality without going bankrupt!

1. Do it yourself!
Make it into a major production: get hands-on, and get family and friends involved too. Think up creative ways to use and reuse. Paint your own murals; add some color and glamour to old furniture, and add new upholstery. This is also a good way to bond!
2. Don’t knock the knock-offs!
Look out for sales, especially in the holiday season. You should look for what you want online, and monitor it so that you can snag it as soon as the price falls within your budget. Buy generic instead of branded items, and look for discontinued models which will be cheaper.
3. Don’t be afraid of buying used!
Visit flea markets and keep an eye out for garage sales. You will find some great furniture, and even light fixtures. Keep checking craigslist and eBay. Also call dibs on hand-me downs in the family!
4. Do register wisely!

A lot of your friends and family will probably be buying you toys and clothes for the baby. A smart idea would be to register for the necessities instead, so they have a better idea of what to get for you!