Get Free Printed Canvas Bag

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Everybody loves to shop Boden. I love their baby clothing line, but it can be sometimes too expensive. I realize the costs you have to spend for your precious little one, and I found this great offer to get you a free beautiful printed canvas bag here (super cool for the beach, playing with the kids and babies) plus you get 10% off your first purchase which is so nice.

I love their super cute baby swimwear collection. I love the cute little pink baby hat and the cute dresses for the baby. To save even more money, go to the baby clearance section and you will get up to 60% off discount. So don’t forget to click on the free canvas bag banner to get your discount.

A Personal Note from Me to You

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I’m so happy to get all of your comments. I am here to help you find ways and ideas to help you save money. I know sometimes it just seems overwhelming and we think if we do only this and that, once in a while we could not be able to really see the impact on our lives. But really, every little step counts in making our family happier day by day. You will slowly see the difference in all the small things. If we keep a routine of good habits, anything really from saving here and there to try and be happy with what we have we won’t notice we lowered our expensive, it will be a positive and motivating thing each time we look at it.

One thing that helps me get through the month is writing all my expenses down (everything, no exceptions) under categories. This makes you realize what you spend and helps you limit the category so when you check on a daily basis you can see how much you have left. There are many apps and websites to help you do all of that and keep withing budget.

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Free Diapers For Low Income Families

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There many ways to get free diapers for low income families in the internet today. It’s almost as easy as just typing it on the search terms and find absolutely free baby stuff for you and your family.
baby stuff for a low price are also not hard to find because there is a big awareness from a lot of people to share free baby vouchers. If you need help with baby stuff you can visit and enjoy many options of totally free baby samples by mail no gimmicks.

Free Stuff for Low Income Families are making it possible for many low income families with their small budgets, and gives them assistance with baby items and free samples for prenatal. Free Baby Items for Low Income People gives them a change for a happier lives.

What Does a Newborn Baby Need?

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We bet everyone in your social circle has told you how expensive it can be but first time parents tend to think along the lines, ‘How expensive can it really be? It’s just a tiny baby and how much could he need’ right?

Well, here’s the list of some absolute essentials that your baby is going to need when he’s born:
Crib – If you are buying a used crib make sure it fulfills all the safety requirements and regulations.
Changing table – A money saving option can be to buy a crib where a changing table comes attached with it. This way, you are also saving extra space.
Drawers – you are going to need storage space to keep baby’s things handy, like diaper hampers, toys, her clothes and other stuff that you need readily.
Glider – It is not essential, but it’s great to have especially if you decide to breastfeed your baby. It gives you a space to have some rest between or while feeding time.
Bedding – You are going to need thick and firm mattress and sheets for the baby’s cot.
Nightlight – To help you in the middle-of-the-night-nappy changes.
Breastfeeding – If you are breastfeeding, you’ll need nursing pads and probably a nursing pillow to help your back.
Bottle-feeding – A good sized bottle, sterilizer, formula and spare nipples.
Bathing ramp – If you are not going to bathe him in your sink.
Toiletries – buy natural ones to keep your baby’s sensitive skin protected from chemicals.
Towels – Buy some bath towels and some hand towels.
Cotton swabs – These and cotton wool comes great in handy for instant spot cleaning. Swabs are great to clear areas around ears and nose etc.
Diapers and wipes.
Onesies – Full and half-sleeved, both.
Cardigans – buy jumpers and cardigans for when it’s cold.
Baby monitor.

Playtime – 3 Month Old – Week 3

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Did we tell you that babies in their third month of life are completely capable of making those amazing sounds of ooohs, and aahs, and coos which make their initial forms of conversation? Babies this age are also learning to smile, show their surprise and squeal with delight too. The games this week are proposed to make your baby giggle (in whichever baby-way they can) and get surprised to their fullest.

Pop up!
This is a simple, classic and really easy game to play with your little one, and the one that you can keep playing the whole day as long as she enjoys it. It involves the simple task of you reappearing from nowhere and surprising your baby to get some giggle and squeaks out of her. Of course, there won’t be any ‘nowhere’ out of which you’d be reappearing so while she is on changing table, or simply lying on her play mat, hide behind a door, and pop out with an exaggerated squeal or a similarly animated sound. Your baby will love how you came into sight out of nowhere and surprised her. This is your baby learning cause and effect.

This is a variation of the above explained game and doesn’t require you hiding away and popping out. It is a simple matter of surprising your baby by suddenly saying WHAT where you first make a round face on her, and end the WHAT with a laugh. Just catch your baby when she has her attention focused on something else and surprise her with a sudden WHAT. Don’t make it too loud or noisy or else you’re just going to scare her.